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Why Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos Think You Should Go Camping This Summer

Growing up I had plenty of chances to camp, and when I say “camp” I mean for real: small tent, heavy backpack, dehydrated foods, rain cover and minimal underwear changes!

When my brother and I were young, my father would have us spend the summer roughing it on his small army raft: We would leave Fiesole, Italy, with a car loaded with luggage and our power raft on a trailer bed. My father would drive us to whatever place he and my mother had picked for our summer vacation, and the fun would begin. We always had a home-base minimal rental apartment to store luggage, keep some groceries, and eventually rest here and there, but the real vacation was exploring the coast with the raft. My father would seek the most-isolated beaches; we would spend the day fishing and eventually land the raft at shore, make a campfire and cook our prey. We would sleep under the stars and wake up to the sound of the shore — it was the ultimate adventure for me and my brother.

As I grew up, I started trekking through Italy with my friends, especially during the years of high school. It was for us a great bonding experience, a constant exploration, a way to completely disconnect from basically everything, especially considering that in those days the only way you could call home for the occasional “Mom, don’t worry I am doing fine!” was a pay phone usually located miles away from where the adventure was taking place. We slept in the rain (read: did not sleep), got caught in terrifying May snowstorms, and sourced food hunting and fishing, but we also had to go through garbage at times to find that old soggy piece of bread we had unconsciously thrown away a couple of days before. What a vivid memory that still is, that night that four friends and I shared one red apple and half a jar of Nutella, stuck in a thunderstorm on the highest mountain of Isola D’ Elba, after grinding many miles of trails the whole day. It happened more than 20 years ago, and we still talk about it.

Now I am in my 40s, and I live with three girls who would define “camping” in a whole different way. We are a family of city people, and roughing it does not really apply. We have, however, enjoyed many moments in semi-wild settings, and I know that a true appreciation for “the wilderness” in fact exists within my girls; ultimately it is enough for me to know that even if they complain about cell reception, they still are able to enjoy the moment and build great memories.

After all, the memories are what you are after. Camping with family or friends is a fantastic excuse to unplug, but much stronger and deeper is the meaning of the memories you will collect along the way. So go ahead: Pack some food, a rain cover, a lighter and some matches, and a hook and line, and don’t forget your camera. Maybe take paper and a pencil, make sure your shoes are solid but broken in, dress in layers, get a hat with a visor, and sunglasses are a must. Always be aware of where you can find clean water. And last but not least, remember: Just because you have a smartphone or a GPS does not mean you don’t need maps or to know how to read them.

Summer is around the corner. It’s time to get ready and go fetch some good memories out there. Have fun!

Tune in to Extra Virgin tonight at 8pm ET to watch Gabriele take Debi and the girls camping as a family for the first time ever.


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  1. T H posted 06/04/2014

    I've got a serious problem! Two things relating to olive oil. I've been told you only dress with Extra Virgin and you cook with regular grade olive oil. I need to get that either confirmed or denied and also second and even more importantly: The olive oil does not have a good taste; is it going rancid too soon? Is it not being stored properly? I usually just leave it in the bottle on the counter, but we don't use it quite often as I'm new to Tuscan style cooking yet. I'm at a loss! Everyone talks about how GOOD Olive Oil tastes, and I'm always like, yuck, mine doesn't taste or smell that way, what in the world are they talking about? Please help–what am I doing wrong??

  2. beagldog posted 06/05/2014

    That was the best episode so far for Extra Virgin! Too bad it rained. Loved Debi's jacket too. Any chance of finding out where she got it?

  3. Allie Knight posted 08/11/2014

    Hi! I upgraded my cable status from level 1 to 2 JUST to be able to watch your show. But the scheduling is never accurate but just seems to be put in somewhere between Bobby Flays multitude of programs and EatStreet and other most fattening shows on planet earth. Will you ever have a regular, predictable time slot? I love you both, and watching your girls grow and all of your shows I have seen so far. I am a "seasoned" (senior) citizen so I have to be frugal. It is worth it if I can be sure of seeing your programs. Please let me know if there will ever be any reliability in your programming, and PLEASE pass this along to your Network. Keep up the great work! Allie Knight (philadelphia, pa) although I wish I could say "Bella Tuscany!!

  4. Nathankai posted 12/23/2014

    When i was a child camping is my favorite activity. I was counting days for my school vacation. Once we got the vacations we went to the forest with my friend. It was a really unforgettable memories for my life.

    • Deborah W. Wiese posted 01/23/2015

      Why don't you go there now? I know that we have a busy life schedule but we can actually get some spare time to recall those memorable days like camping or hiking or skiing. Those memories are always unforgettable. Thanks

  5. Glenda Bailey posted 07/06/2015

    My favorite
    cooking show family show; Debra is just the funniest, best spirit ever, caring person

  6. Deb nelson posted 07/19/2016

    I am not a big fan of reality tv, but love your show!! I am a mother of 3, grandma of 9, and cooked my husband 1 meal, and he reached across the table, and said marry me!! That was 25 years ago!! (I was married before)I too cook with love in every bite!! I always say, I hope you taste the love!! All the best to you all!!

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