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This Food Truck Shoves Their Burgers Into Giant Bread Bowls

When does a burger become decadent? When it’s a 1/2 pound or more? When it’s covered by both cheese and bacon? How about when it rests snugly in an oversized bread bowl which you then eat with a knife and fork? That’s what one California food truck has been getting into.

In GD BRO’s Supperbowl Burger, beef patties get stuffed in an oversized brioche bun and is then loaded with toppings and covered with even more bread. Some of them are even stuffed with melted cheese and some are, of course, topped with heaps of fries. In other words, every time you eat one your cardiologist puts a down payment on a gold-plated hot tub.

If you are in the Orange county area, you can find out where the truck is going to be headed by clicking here. If you aren’t, you can always squeeze a burger patty into a loaf of bread in the relative safety of your own home.

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  1. sam waltonman posted 06/12/2014

    Woman of Alien…

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  2. revіews posted 11/12/2015

    I eat lot types of burger like chicken burger, zinger and so on but i never see such type of burger before. I will try to find it and eat it. It's looking very yummy and thank you for your effort.

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