Summer Soiree: 5 Sizzling Burgers

Backyard barbecues conjure plenty of cravings: lemonade, hot dogs, pasta salad, cold beer. But all are mere supporting cast members for the summer star, the burger. At the heart of nearly every barbecue is a grill full of sizzling patties. The all-American classic is a blank canvas for relishes, vegetables and other condiments. Once you’ve mastered Cooking Channel’s 6 tenets of burger deliciousness, try these new-style masterpieces.

1. The B-and-B “Bash Burger” (pictured above)
Take a page from three-time Burger Bash victor Josh Capon’s grilling playbook and spruce up your patties with onion-studded bacon jam and Sriracha-laced special sauce for a winner at your next summer party.

2. Latin Burgers
Make your taste buds tango with the Latin-inspired combo of chorizo, adobo seasoning and Oaxaca cheese. The jalapeno relish and red pepper mayo are so addictive, we suggest making an extra batch for your hot dogs and alternative mains.

3. Crispy Tuna-Cake Sliders
Don’t be fooled by their tiny stature — Nadia G.’s pint-sized sliders pack a punch. The tuna-cake patties are seasoned with fresh parsley, cayenne and diced celery, and topped with a tangy Dijon-infused slaw.

4. Fat Doug Burger
This aptly named burger features not one or two, but four types of meat. Ground brisket, sirloin and boneless short rib make up the hefty, charred round, which is then piled high with slices of pastrami and Swiss cheese. Add jalapenos and a tangle of champagne-vinegar-doused slaw for a true summer powerhouse.

5. Really Simple Bean Burger
Don’t leave vegetarians to assemble a meal of condiments and side salads. This bean burger has plenty of flavor, and is easy to augment with your own mix of herbs and spices.

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