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The Scoop: Angry Artisans and Midnight Munchies

From fabulous food maps to FDA upsets, here’s a boiled down list of this week’s headlines:

  • Food Nerd Alert: This is our kind of map. We’re gawking at — and take notes from —’s roundup of 40 fascinating food maps of America.
  • Bring Your Soy to Circle Time: Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of Titanic director James) aims to eliminate meat and dairy, serving an all-vegan lunch at the Calabasas, CA, private school she co-founded.
  • Cali Comeback Kids: New England’s coffee juggernaut Dunkin’ Donuts takes another shot at the Golden State. We hope they won’t be In-N-Out of there.
  • Soli(dairy)ty: Protect our Parm! The FDA backs down as artisanal cheesemongers and lovers combat a recent ban on wood shelving.
  • Midnight Munchies: Kellogg rebrands Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes as late-night snacks. (On behalf of college students around the world, duh!)




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