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This 3D Printer Can Make Magical Nutella Delicacies

If you pay attention to technology news, you have no doubt heard tell of these mysterious 3D printers that are filling the world with more useless knickknacks than usual. They work just like regular printers except, well, they create objects in 3D space. Obviously, this has been of great interest to the food community. Here is another 3D printer that does something potentially delicious, this time using Nutella.

The Discov3ry Intruder 3D printer has been absolutely tearing up Kickstarter, raising around $100,000 in just a few days. Essentially, it’s a 3D printer that doesn’t rely on plastic to create wares. It uses paste-like materials such as silicone, wood filler and, yes, Nutella. You can now make a cake entirely out of wood filling and silicone and ice it with Nutella. That’ll show em!

In addition to being able to make exquisitely designing icing on the fly, the Discov3ry can also be used to undergo non-edible projects such as custom orthotics and drywall.

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