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Out of Rice? Get it From a Vending Machine

Here in America, the notion of vending machines have undergone something of a makeover in recent years. Sure, you can still plunk down some change and get some stale chips or a soda. You can also, however, use them to buy fresh burritos and other full-fledged meals. China, however, has just taken this concept to whole new starchy level.

The South China University of Technology has just installed steamed rice vending machines throughout the campus. That’s right. Pop in some change and out comes a perfectly cooked batch of mushy rice. This is perfect for those times when you are carrying around cooked vegetables but nothing to eat them over.

So if you ever find yourself in China and need some rice, you now have another option. Here’s to hoping America installs vending machines that pop out spaghetti or deep-fried whatevers.

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