Harry Potter Theme Park Restaurant Announces Menu

Ever since it was announced that Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida would be getting an extended Harry Potter theme park, everyone has had their fingers crossed for some good eats. Would they stay true to the source material or would it just be stale burgers and five dollar sodas? Well, the powers that be have finally released some of the grub you’ll be magically stuffing your face with.

The Leaky Cauldron pub, the theme park’s restaurant, will open on July 8th, along with the rest of the park. What’s on the menu? Some cool stuff, actually. You can get your hands on traditional wizarding fare like Scotch eggs, beef and beer stew and cottage pie. In addition, being as how this is a pub, you’ll also be imbibing franchise favorites such as Butterbeer, pumpkin juice and something known only as Dragon Scales (yikes.)