Summer Soiree: Star Sweets for the 4th


As many know — and have already begun celebrating — America’s birthday blowout falls on a Friday this year. Here are five ways to celebrate the stars and stripes in sweet, weekend-ready style.

1. 4th of July Berry Tart: Keep it seasonal and sophisticated with fresh berries and white chocolate cream atop a buttery almond shortbread crust (pictured above).

2. Star Sugar Cookies: You really can’t go wrong with chewy sugar cookies; this batch steps up its flavor game with lemon juice and zest.

3. Grilled Skillet Cornbread with Strawberry Butter: Celebrate a corn-fed country with grilled cornbread and some homemade strawberry jam butter.


4. Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwich: Trick the little ones with sweet pastry “buns” filled with homemade chocolate ice cream and raspberry “ketchup.”


5. Red, White and Blue Velvet Cake: Go the whole nine yards with our tri-colored confection that will have everyone wondering just how you did it…  (if you need a little help youself, here’s the handy guide).

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