Summer Soiree: Coleslaw Around the World

From tangy to juicy to crunchy to creamy, the summer slaw possibilities are nearly limitless. And with total cooking time ranging from five to 50 minutes, coleslaw is the easiest thing to throw together as a side. Make it as creative as your main course with these five slaw wholly original ideas.

1.  Red Cabbage Slaw: With its vibrant purple hue and tangy citrus vinaigrette, Bobby’s red cabbage slaw is as attractive as it is appetizing (pictured above).

2. Roasted Peanut Slaw: Kelsey’s nutty slaw is rich with Asian-inspired flavors, including sliced scallions and soy-peanut dressing.


3. Jicama Slaw: Jicama, a South American root vegetable, lends this slaw a natural crunch and sweetness. Since jicama is available year-round, it’s a great one to make right into fall.


4. Creamy Curried Pear Slaw: Prepare for pear season with Roger’s Indian-spiced take. Bonus: The julienned vegetables and fresh pears tossed in creamy curry dressing take just five minutes.


5. Slaw and Order: This day-to-night slaw does double duty as a warm side or low-carb pasta alternative, complete with creamy tomato and Parmesan shavings.

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