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This Cooler Brings 21st Century Amenities to Camping

The only problem with the great outdoors is the distinct lack of the kinds of stuff you can do in the great indoors. What if you want to enjoy a freshly made smoothie as you and a bear watch the sunrise together? What then? Well, thankfully, here’s a cooler that lets you do that and more.

The Coolest (actual name) is a tech-friendly cooler that’ll bring a little taste of civilization to your camping experience. Not only is it a working cooler, which is perfect for storing beer and soda, it’s also a blender, cutting board, USB charger, Bluetooth speaker and, of course,  bottle opener. It also has storage areas for plates and utensils, if you are into that whole eating thing.

Now the bad news. This modern marvel isn’t out on store shelves. You’ll have to pre-order a unit from its Kickstarter site, which has already raised over 80 times the funding estimate. The Coolest will set you back $185.

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  1. Pablo posted 10/28/2014

    It's like bringing a bit of coolness to camp…

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  5. John.W posted 09/21/2015

    Will purchase one to make my wine cooler on wood workshop haha . Thanks for your post

  6. Lori posted 09/21/2015

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  7. John posted 02/22/2016

    I think this is what I need for my summer vacations.

  8. Xuân Tuấn Đinh posted 03/23/2016

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  9. John posted 03/23/2016

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