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This Supermarket Uses Its Waste to Power Itself

It’s no secret that supermarkets waste a whole lot of food in their day to day operations. When dealing with that sheer volume of food, how could they not? Still, grocery stores are beginning to realize this is a problem and have come up with some novel solutions. Here is another one, brought to you by UK supermarket Sainsbury’s.

The popular chain has teamed up with waste management company Biffa to power their supermarkets using the food waste that would otherwise just head to the trash. The food waste, thanks to Biffa, is transformed into biogas and then that gas is used to power the stores. The process has been a success and, as of this writing, the company no longer sends any waste to landfill.

They are the first business to go all in on biogas for their power consumption needs and, hopefully, this is a trend that continues to catch on.

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  1. michelfedrick posted 08/20/2014

    Great thought and truly need to appreciate their effort. Waste management and recycling firm Biffa helped them to employ its advanced anaerobic digestion facilities. This will serve to close the loop on food recycling and allows Sainsbury's to continue to send zero operational waste to landfills. They pick up trash and food waste to their AD plant and the gas produced by this helps to generate electricity. I bid all the success and this will be a heavy inspiration for those who want to follow this in their city.

  2. R_V posted 08/21/2014

    This is great news indeed!

    What might come as a surprise to many people is the fact that it is fairly easy (and inexpensive) to build a a small (home-sized) biogas generator as a DIY project. Such a Diy biogas generator can be fed the household organic waste (from kitchen/garden etc.) to generate biogas (methane) which can be used for cooking, heating, lighting etc.

    I'm in the process of creating a blog with helpful/useful information on this. I hope it will induce at least a few people to start using this amazing clean/green alternative energy generation technique.

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