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The Scoop: Nuclear Tacos and Misspelled Tomatoes

From indestructible ice cream sandwiches to bunker delivery foods, here’s a boiled down list of this week’s headlines:

  • Watered Down: Leading brands of coconut water have simplified their claims and marketing campaigns after receiving backlash against their supposed benefits.
  • Outside the Box: digs deep into the world of food trend forecasting and the specialists behind major food company products.
  • Do Me a Solid: A Cincinnati mother discovered that a certain ice cream sandwich does not melt even after 12 hours in 80-degree weather.
  • The Secret Weapon: NPR learns how nuclear launch officers chow down in bunkers 60 feet below.
  • Break the Spell: HuffPost Taste identifies 17 commonly misspelled food words. Is it omelet or omelette? (Trick question).


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