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McDonald’s Singapore Unleashes Chocolatey, Pork-Topped Pancakes

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There are few things better than a nice ham and pancake breakfast. However, when you think of said breakfast, your mind probably does not imagine a generous drizzle of chocolate. Well, you had better get that brain in gear. McDonald’s Singapore is bringing the chocolate hammer down hard.

Their brand new dish, called Hearty Hotcakes, features pancakes, ham, cheese and, oh yeah, a bunch of chocolate sauce. The ham is actually chicken ham for you health nuts out there. McDonald’s has long been known to care about health, first and foremost.

You can also switch out the chocolate for strawberry syrup.

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  1. Tre Residences SG posted 11/04/2014

    This is the best meal here. Last month i and my girlfriend had a privilege to taste this and its definitely something you will as k for more.

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