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World’s First Cruise for Chocoholics About to Set Sail

Themed cruises have become something of a trend as of late. Ever wanted to hang out with the guy from Sugar Ray? There’s a cruise for that. Want to explore the open sea with an openly naked body? There’s a cruise for that. Now, finally, there is a cruise with the dessert fiend in mind. Introducing the world’s first chocolate-themed cruise.

Chocolate Journeys is being brought to us via a partnership between Princess Cruises and Norman Love Confections — and both companies have pulled out all the stops. Voyagers receive a chocolate pop when they board the ship, an endless supply of chocolate desserts, chocolate cocktails, lessons on how to cook with chocolate and, of course, a chocolate spa. That’s right. You can bathe in chocolate.

This cocoa cruise officially sets sail at the end of the year. That’s plenty of time to prepare, which means there’s plenty of time to eat a bunch of chocolate.

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  1. portia posted 08/16/2014

    I hope that Princess has rolled out the new "chocolate" features fleet-wide by the time my husband and I sail aboard the Royal Princess in January, 2015. Bon Voyage!

  2. savoieneal posted 09/11/2015

    good article

  3. العاب طبخ posted 09/22/2015

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  4. العاب طبخ بنات posted 10/03/2015

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