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The Most Insane Carnival Food Ever

It’s no secret that carnivals feature some of the unhealthiest, and most-awesome, foodstuffs known to mankind. But even these festive funtopias occasionally go too far. Here are some of the wackiest and strangest foods that’ll have you tossing your triple-fried cookies all over that dang Gravitron.

The World’s Craziest Carnival Foods

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Comments (3)

  1. Louise posted 08/19/2014

    Awful show . . . don't need to watch someone eat his way around a carnival. Very limited appeal.

  2. rufus posted 08/22/2014

    that's why they have knobs on a tv! guess you didn't watch man vs food!

  3. mary posted 08/22/2014

    guess you don't go to a fair and become a kid for a day?

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