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The EggBot Pro is a Robot That Exquisitely Paints Eggs

Sure, Easter can be fun. All of that egg finding and candy eating can be a pretty good time. However, the most time consuming aspect of the holiday is not donning a bunny costume, it’s painting colorful designs on all of those eggs. Thankfully, the coming robot apocalypse has got you covered. Introducing the EggBot Pro. 

What this cute lil robot lacks in bloodlust, it more than makes up for in design technology. All you do is pop an egg in the machine and let the magic of science do the rest. You can make your own designs on a computer and easily port them into the machine, creating endless opportunities for bad egg-based visual puns.

You can get your own for $325, which is about the price of 2,000 eggs. This seems like a fair price for the ability to be able to warn off your roommates against eating your eggs right there on the shell.


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  1. Gribble posted 09/03/2014

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  2. العاب طبخ posted 09/18/2015

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  3. IT Security posted 05/29/2016

    this cute Lil robot lacks in bloodlust, it more than makes up for in design technology.

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