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Sifted: Dusty Bone-Shaped Cookies, Pumpkin-Quinoa Pie + More

Dusty Bones Sugar Cookies

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  • If you’ve ever encountered puppy chow (the cereal-based snack), you know it’s hard not to scarf it all at once  especially now that I Am Baker gives it a fall spin with Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow.
  • Culinary Bro-Down knows what we really need, presenting us with a cheesy, spicy idea during a week that’s all about the sweet stuff. Come Friday, don’t beat yourself up over all the Halloween candy you’re bound to inhale. Instead, fry up a Chorizo Mac ‘N’ Cheese Quesadilla that answers every one of your guiltiest savory pleasures.

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  1. joshscherer posted 10/29/2014

    Good lookin' out Cooking Channel! Thanks for the feature!

  2. John Therry posted 06/04/2015

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