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Fall Fest: Bring On the Brussels Sprouts

As children, we learned that Brussels sprouts are the yuckiest vegetable of all time. It’s an unfortunate misconception, because shaking our little heads in staunch refusal meant missing out on the versatile side dish for way too long. Embrace the bitter little cabbages and fight their bad rap with five of our favorites.

1. Crunchy panko bread crumbs and salty grated Parmesan give this Brussels sprouts recipe (pictured above) depth of both texture and flavor. For easier entertaining, prep the dish the night before, then cook it through while you complete your main course.

2. Who needs lettuce? Make a seasonal salad with sprouts instead. The secret to Chuck’s recipe is the rich duck fat… though the bacon garnish doesn’t hurt either.

Brussels Sprouts Salad

3. If you favor Indian flavors like coriander and fenugreek, kick up your Brussels sprouts with Bal Arneson’s quick, easy 5-star recipe. Steaming keeps the sprouts bright green for a colorful presentation.

4. Need proof that everything is better with bacon? The cured meat gives Michael Symon’s beloved Brussels sprouts a subtle smokiness, thanks to the bacon-mustard-walnut vinaigrette. It’s an indulgent side dish that could pass for a full meal.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with a Bacon, Mustard and Walnut Vinaigrette

5. Never paired superstars kale and Brussels sprouts before? Then you’ve never tried this gratin. The creamy-when-baked celery root and the sweet-salty ham add a comforting element to an otherwise veggie-packed dish.

Brussels Sprouts, Kale and Celery Root Gratin

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  1. Kathy McGlone posted 11/12/2014

    Where is the recipe for Brussels sprouts that Grace Choi demonstrates on the Cooking Channel (as a commercial)? It is a casserole that has Panko on top – at the end, she says "For this recipe & more, go to, Cooking with Grace. I can't find it anywhere!

    • JilliMac posted 11/14/2014

      Same here!!! I've looked everywhere. Can someone help?

  2. Tasha posted 11/16/2014

    I want the Grace Choi recipe too. I also have looked every where. Why say you can find it on their web site if you can't :( I was so excited to try it.

  3. Sharon posted 11/16/2014

    I need this recipe!!!! Want to test it out before Thanksgiving! Help, I checked the Kikkoman website also!

  4. Shauna posted 11/17/2014

    I've been scouring the internet looking for this recipe too with no luck!! I've emailed Cooking Channel for it.. if anyone finds it.. please reply to this! Thanks!!

  5. Mary Jo posted 11/17/2014

    I, too, am looking for this recipe-not a brussel sprouts fan but this one could convert me!

  6. Mary posted 11/18/2014

    I agree–have looked all over the Kikkoman and Cooking Channel websites where the commercial advises you to go–no luck! Can someone help?

  7. Gin posted 11/18/2014

    I've also been looking for it and just found this newly posted recipe from Grace Choi on Kikkoman's website. Unable to paste link here, but go to, Home cooks, then in the Recipe Search box type in Brussels sprouts and it will be the second recipe in list. Don't remember her using cashews with the panko in her TV ad, though.

  8. Mara posted 11/18/2014

    Thank you, Michelle! I have been trying to find this recipe all over!

  9. Mary posted 11/20/2014

    Thank you so much Michelle! I have been searching for this.

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