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Say “Taco the Morning to You” with Breakfast Taco and Burrito Recipes

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat more tacos, nix Taco Tuesdays in favor of taco weekends with Mexican-inspired brunch. Stuff tortillas with eggs for breakfast tacos and burritos — like Kelsey Nixon’s Breakfast Tacos with Chorizo, Egg and Potato, pictured above — and get ready for a fiesta in your mouth. And if you wash it down with a ice-cold margarita, we won’t judge.

Check out more of our favorites below, and then get more Mexican brunch ideas here.

Steak Breakfast Burritos

This isn’t your standard fast-food breakfast burrito. Bobby Flay’s recipe has mocha-rubbed steak, green cilantro-filled eggs and a sweet-and-smoky chocolate barbecue sauce all rolled up in a tortilla.

“Don Juan” El Taco Grande

Inspired by Juan in a Million’s breakfast tacos near the University of Texas, these bad boys have a full pound of potatoes with eggs, bacon and cheese. They may keep you full all weekend.

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  1. Coach Builder posted 01/20/2016

    What's that lemon doing there? Ha ha ha. Very interesting recipe. Appreciate it!

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    Hi – I would really like for REV RUN to put out a cook book. I just love his cooking…..
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    Without coffee, Our breakfast its not completed. Coffee is the first friend I met every morning.I love it very much. It is also very energetic drink. Thanks for the post. :)

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