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  1. Android Store posted 02/18/2016

    Nice and wonderful post. Thanks for the share.

  2. Lyn from Ocala posted 02/25/2016

    Will someone at the food /cooking channels please do some research and stop having their chef/chefs look like fools . Please STOP referring to afternoon tea as high tea. High tea is a workman supper . The "high" refers to the height of the table . Afternoon or "low" tea also refers to the table "coffee table" which it was served . High tea is a hearty meal not pretty little sandwiches and cakes . I believe the barefoot contessa did a show on high tea so I'm sure you have her phone number. Give her a call and have her explain it to you and you could send everyone a memo on how not to look stupid. The British really must think we're just stupid Americans .Two whole networks dedicated to food should know better.

  3. Deb posted 03/14/2016

    I agree totally with the comment above. It drives me crazy to hear people refer to 'High Tea' when they mean' Afternoon Tea'. I guess they must think it sounds more highfalutin' but it really is just the opposite and shows their ignorance.

    • Aurora Livinston posted 03/17/2016

      You are totally correct! They think it sounds high and lofty! But they are wrong…it just makes them sound uneducated in the "Art Of Tea".

      High Tea is not a tea at all. It is a late supper time meal, serving vegetable, shepherds pie and other
      supper time foods. They did have hot tea as a beverage.

  4. Michelle posted 03/15/2016

    People need to look at more important things in life then what we are calling our tea time. I bake for a living Tiffani your scones are amazing. To add a twist brush with milk, sprinkle with course suger and lemon zest before baking. I'm also a mom of 2. I'm 35 and my oldest is turning 18 and going off to college. My baby is 15. I starting baking so I could work from home. I think your great. Keep cooking so I have something to watch now that my best will be somewhat empty soon. Mom's rock.

    • Aurora Livingston posted 03/17/2016

      As you can see by my reply all of you are totally correct. Please check out my website

      Anyone with any training, especially a Tea Master knows the description of every type of tea.
      You are correct in saying that the network and producers should be more informed before airing any show containing a certain topic.

      I am happy to see that there are other informed and educated people in America!

      Aurora Livingston, Tea Master

  5. Aurora Livingston posted 03/17/2016

    •Afternoon Tea became popular during the Victorian Era
    •Afternoon Tea includes finger sandwiches, bite size sweets, scones, fruit and tea
    •Afternoon Tea is traditionally served between 2 pm and 4 pm
    •Royal Tea is an afternoon tea, with a few extras and a glass of spirits(wine, sherry, champagne or non-alcoholic sparkling cider)
    •Cream Tea is tea served with only scones, clotted cream, and jam
    •High Tea is not Afternoon Tea – it is actually a late supper time
    •Dessert Tea is tea served with pastries or cake
    Virginia Historical Tea Society, Tea Master

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