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Road Trip with Debi and Gabriele on Their New Show, Extra Virgin Americana

The first family of Tuscan cooking is taking its show on the road. Extra Virgin Americana follows Debi Mazar, Gabriele Corcos, their daughters — Giulia and Evelina — and, of course, Uncle Robert as they road-trip across the country searching for food and fun.

In the premiere episode, they traveled to the Grand Canyon and cooked with breathtaking views behind them. Check out their helicopter ride, a travel back in time while they fill their RV at one of the oldest gas stations and much more when you watch the full episode below. And for more behind-the-scenes moments, flip through Debi and Gabriele’s road-trip photo album and their cross-country location guide.

Extra Virgin Americana airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET.

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Comments (7)

  1. Susan posted 03/03/2016

    Love, love, love this show!

    Just bought their book and it's great!

  2. Sandi posted 03/04/2016

    My new favorite show they are such good cooks and show is fun to watch

  3. isybyr posted 03/05/2016

    disfruto mucho de este show, son una familia hermosa, me encanta lo natural que hacen los show, me rio con sus cosas, soy panameña pero vivo en miami, debe es tan unique, fashion, me gusta su estilo cute con ese sombrero, me gusta como gabrielle va a diferentes lugares y aprendemos mucho de tantas cosas que uno no sabe, son una familia all natural, me encanta ver a sus hijas cocinando, esos lugares tan pintorescos donde van y cocinan al, simplemente amo este show, después de este show vienen otros que me gustan, pero este no me lo pierdo….lo único que se decir en italiano es mercy…..

  4. hubnames posted 03/10/2016

    Hi Alyse,
    Look like you have a great trip.
    Their daughters, Giulia and Evelina, are very beautiful.

  5. 3pmb posted 03/18/2016

    Why is Robert on the show so much and why is he on this Americana trip. Is he really a relative or just a friend. Their family needs some time just the four of them without Uncle Robert always hanging around.

  6. العاب باربي posted 03/19/2016

    great pictur

  7. Anita posted 04/01/2016

    My husband and I watch this show everyday while having lunch. LOVE the show. We have made many of the dishes featured on the show.

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