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That’s Amore! Watch Laura Vitale Do Date Night on the Simply Laura Premiere

Love is in the air on the Simply Laura premiere. To kick off Season 2, Laura Vitale whipped up steakhouse-quality food with her husband, Joe, for a date night at home. The multicourse meal included splurgeworthy seared New York strip steaks with green beans, Burrata-topped crispy ribollita and amaretto tiramisu for two.

Watch the full episode to see how date night came together for Laura, and watch new episodes of Simply Laura on Saturdays at 10:30am ET.

Watch Simply Laura full episodes and see Laura’s kitchen saves.


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  2. Drekem Benjamin posted 03/17/2016

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  3. العاب باربي posted 03/19/2016

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  4. Oliva Zarnack posted 03/28/2016

    So glad to see Laura is "allowed" to be back to her adorable, spunky, cute self, instead of being scripted at the beginning. Live and learn right Cooking Channel TV?! She had over 1 million Youtube followers for a specific reason: because she was beautiful inside & out, a talented chef & we loved hearing about her Nonna. All this just natural & informative entertainment. Thank you Laura!!!

  5. eeee posted 04/02/2016

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  7. anna mileski posted 04/02/2016

    love all you do….I can't find the video for short rib and bechamel lasagna…the recipe doesn't explain where you put the bechamel sauce and the rib sauce ? HELP

  8. greatdealguru posted 04/18/2016

    Cook Channel, your shows (would be) perfect (if) you didn't persist in popping those (VERY) annoying pop-up banners on each and every show (and) during (every) segment of every show 24/7. I want to watch the show, (NOT) a bunch of distracting and obtrusive (and intrusive) pop-up banners on my favorite shows. You not only use (oversize), tall banners but also you have them pop up almost right to the middle of the screen. If (you) were watching your favorite shows, I (do not) think you'd appreciate the station distracting you from paying attention to, and watching (your) favorite chef celebrities. PLEASE!, have a little more respect and consideration to your viewing audience why don't you and don't be so thoughtless and rude. You ruin a (bunch) of otherwise interesting, educational, (and) informative shows insisting on butting into a show someone (wants) to watch and learn from, with those infernal pop-up banners. Until then, I will (NOT) be watching (any) shows on the Cooking Channel and instead, I'll be watching Food Network instead.

  9. Asad posted 05/03/2016

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