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The Beginner’s Kitchen: 5 Tools for the New Home Cook

As someone who doesn’t cook often, I view my kitchen as that place at home where I carry out every task except the one for which it’s intended — cleaning, organizing, reheating leftovers. Or I write and work in it. So whenever I do attempt to make food in the kitchen, I feel like a […]

Stupidly Simple Beginnings: Banana Milk Shake

It’s a little hard to explain why I created a cooking show when I can’t cook. But that’s what I did one day four summers ago as I sat in my apartment in Midtown Manhattan craving a very specific banana shake from a Venezuelan restaurant in the East Village, a 20-minute excursion from home. In […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Cook at Home Even If You Don’t Know How

“You cook, I clean.” This phrase has become something of a personal mantra in the apartment that I share with my boyfriend, Chris. He loves to cook, so I do my part by putting leftovers away and ensuring no crumb or sauce-lined pan is left behind. (A practical concern when you have two intrepid and […]