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Your Favorite Foodie Instagrams

After our initial post of Favorite Foodie Instagrams last week, we were happily inundated with suggestions for other great food ’grammers to follow and were overwhelmed by the beautiful, drool-inducing photos on those accounts. Because we love nothing more than viewer feedback on our posts (note: mostly when positive!), here are a few more awesome foodie Instagram accounts, suggested by you!

Let Me Eat Cake

The battle cry of this ’grammer’s name is one we can get behind, and the luxurious photos of pies, ice cream and cakes will have your sweet tooth buzzing. Nastassia is a queen of all things sugary sweet, and we’re happy to support her reign.

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Go Eat a Friggin’ Rainbow! Alie & Georgia’s Guide to Colorful, Healthy Eating

Turns out, an apple a day does not keep the doctor away. But seven might.

The University College London studied the eating habits and health of more than 65,000 people, and recently published the finding that seven servings of fruits and veggies a day cut death risk by 42 percent compared with eating less than one serving a day — as opposed to a 29 percent reduction in five-a-day eaters.

What does this mean? Grub some plant-y things As if your life depended on it!

But stay on track and keep things colorful using the simple trick of eating a rainbow a day. This does not mean chasing water vapor to the end of a horizon; just look for the color fruit or veggie you haven’t eaten yet and gobble it up like you’re in a video game. The more you chomp, the longer you’ll be around. Pretty delicious strategy, if you arm yourself with these handy recipe suggestions:


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Alie & Georgia’s Favorite Foodie Instagrams

While bloggers have the Internet food market not just covered but smothered, and professional food photographers drizzle blood, sweat and tears over each shot, the little corner of the Internet known as Instagram is turning cell phone photos of food into works of art. But a Hudson filter and some fancy framing do not food porn make. It takes skill, patience and excellent captioning skillz to attract the fickle foodie masses

We’ve rounded up a few of our very favorites in the world of Instagram food-photo fame, so you have a place to start your stomach growling. You’ll find no Cooking For Bae shots here (warning: link not for the faint of stomach), just good, old-fashioned, stunning food photos.

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“Cosmos” Space Party: Alie & Georgia Help You Planet!

Sunday nights! We love them! Sure, a workweek is just around the corner, hiding under your alarm clock and waiting to scream you awake — but delicious delicious Sunday nights offer you 24 frames a second of dessert porn on Unique Sweets. And for the next 12 weeks, the Fox series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, starring narrator/astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, will answer your burning questions, like what is the universe and do we actually exist and are there aliens and what is time?

A series that delves into the mysteries of the universe can trigger a fun existential crisis, which means it’s scary to be alone. Plus, all that pondering about stardust and the nature of being is bound to make anyone hungry. So to properly enjoy the next few months of Sundays, consider hosting one — or 12 — space-themed viewing parties. But how do you get ready for a space party? You planet!

Your guests will be over the moon with these punny dishes, and since we’re but a gasp and a blip in the span of time, eat as much as you want! Nothing matters.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Like Alie & Georgia

Our absolute favorite holidays are ones that call for dressing up. Halloween, Purim, Gay Pride — all holidays that are much more fun when you deck yourself out in the festively appropriate gear. And because St. Patrick’s Day adds the element of threatening physical violence via a pinch to those who don’t don green, well, we’re just giddy when March 17 rolls around.

That is, until we see the garish, green food coloring-dyed eats and drinks that are offered as celebratory fare. We hate to burst your chemically hued bubble, but a drop of green dye does not a St. Patrick’s Day libation make. There are so many fun, delicious and, most-importantly, naturally green ingredients out there — pandan, green tea and basil, to name a few — that are just waiting to lend a hand to your St. Paddy’s Day menu.

Below are some of our favorite predominantly green dishes and drinks to give you greenspiration. So keep your pinching-fingers away from the food coloring dropper, and ready them for more-important things — like hurting your friends in the name of a holiday based around a saint.

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Alie & Georgia’s Ultimate Oscars Party

The Oscars are here! At last! We’ve weathered storms and polar vortexes and Super Bowls and lesser awards shows and junkets and speculation, but now it’s finally time to pull on sweatpants and watch hungry actresses in priceless gowns pretend like they’re not upset that they lost the honor of a lifetime! All that suspense and good bone structure can make a gawker hungry, so here are some suggested courses if you’re planning an Oscars get-together with friends. Or just yourself. It’s a long ceremony, people.

Red Carpet Velvet Cupcakes

Satisfy your sugar craving and start the evening off right by wolfing down some of Bobby Deen’s low(er)-calorie red velvet cupcakes. When you look in the mirror, ask yourself who you are wearing, and then answer, Frosting. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

Get the Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Too thirsty to eat? Make our potable, potent Red Velvet Cupcake Cocktail. Everyone’s a winner on Oscar night.

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Alie and Georgia Want Souffles, Not Bouquets

Sure — we love jewelry, chocolates and those little teddy bears holding heart-shaped pillows; but what do we love even more on Valentine’s Day? Flowers and food. Since we’re strong, independent ladies, we buy ourselves flowers on a regular basis, and we eat food almost every day. So how do we make this Valentine’s Day special??

What if we combine the two “F” words and make flowers into food?! Below are some tantalizing recipes that incorporate all the brightness and fragrance of flowers into things you can eat and drink. Put the pedal to the metal, or in this case, the petal to the cast iron, and get ready for food with flowers.

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Alie & Georgia’s Most-Vital Comfort Food

More than anything else, people will ask us, “Alie and Georgia — which one is which, and does it matter?”

But the second most-common question we get is, “How did you get your job, and what does it have to do with chicken nuggets?”

It’s a great question, and one we ask ourselves often. See, we started our entire hosting-cocktail-entertaining expert career semi-accidentally. We made a farcical video for a fictitious drink called a McNuggetini and it went viral. When we were offered jobs to create more cocktails, we dove in like harried med students and learned everything we could about actual, palatable drinks, distilled spirits and the history of Prohibition-era beverages. And we got good at it, thank god.

But we dreamed up the McNugg long ago because we were tired and hungry. After long days at soul-draining desk jobs, we wanted a postwork salve that was dinner, dessert and a cocktail all in “one chalice of multitasking.”

So what do you do when you need comfort food? How far is too far? (Don’t think we’ve never made architectural sketches for a papasan chair made of pizza.)

Well, here are our three most-vital comfort food recipes that are just enough of a treat to help you unwind, bond with a friend and maaaaaybe inspire your own Cooking Channel career. No promises.

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Stuff to Have in Your Kitchen so Your Food Tastes Better

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. While we’re sure that being great at piano, speaking fluent French or beatboxing like Biz Markie are all great things to master, none of those skills taste as good during the 9,999 hours of practice in becoming a master in the kitchen. You also learn so much along the way, from seasoning correctly and chopping onions without chopping off your finger to properly poaching an egg, that by the time you get to even 3,000 hours of practice, you’re probably a better cook than most of your friends.

As two ladies who are both somewhere along the way to the 10,000 hours, we wanted to impart upon you some of our favorite ingredients to have on hand in the kitchen. Get familiar with these kitchen staples to take your food from tasting like 1,000 hours to that coveted 10,000.

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Alie & Georgia’s Guide to Super Bowl Drinks

Whether you’ve got money riding on the office pool or you’re just tuning in for Katy Perry, the Super Bowl is — let’s admit it — a national holiday. It’s the one day a year that we are all united in entertainment and brought together by the power of nachos.

While you may be staring a veritable melted-cheese bonanza in the face (find all manner of Super Bowl party foods here), don’t forget to hydrate! It’s a long day, so keep plenty of water on hand for yourself and guests, and leave room for cocktails. Below are some of our beverage recipes to match your Super Bowl moods and to tackle that thirst.

I’m So Pumped

Okay, so you’re pumped. You’re wearing a [insert sportball team name] jersey and have gotten up early to watch all the red carpet coverage, or whatever they do before Super Bowls. Sweet. Good for you. Get this morning kicked off right by slipping into your lucky sweatpants and mixing up some brunchy drinks that will get the party officially started. Such as:

The Beefy Tomato (pictured above)

A beef jerky-infused whole-blended-tomato Bloody Maria. It would be a serious fumble to pass this one up.

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