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How to Throw a Breaking Bad Finale Party

Like so many of its predecessors — Lost, Six Feet Under and The X­-Files, to name a few — Breaking Bad has introduced a cast of characters so intricate, complex and badass that we can’t help rooting for even the most fallible of main characters. As much as we’re mourning the loss of one of […]

Alie & Georgia’s Miami Travel Guide

For two California chicks, Miami feels exotic the second you step out of the plane, when this weird phantom thing called “humidity” hits you in the bangs. The very air around you feels different, mysterious. The city’s pastel art deco architecture, thick vegetation, spicy exciting cuisine, threat of gator attacks and people in G-strings all […]

Alie and Georgia on Why You Should Visit Marfa, Texas

When we list the six locations we chose to visit for our first season of Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia, we always get the same few question: “Which was your favorite location?” What was Alaska like??” “Marfa??? Where the F is Marfa?” The answers to those questions are: Miami for Georgia/Alaska for Alie Freaking […]

Alie & Georgia’s Alaska Travel Guide

Aaaaaah!laska. That’s what you’ll say when you get off the plane, partly because the airport has taxidermied albino beavers and snarling wolves next to the baggage carousel, and partly because it’s quite possibly the most gorgeous place in the United States. Either way, this vast pioneer expanse of northern U.S. territory will have you making […]

Alie & Georgia’s San Francisco Travel Guide

For episode 3 of Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia (tonight at 10:30pm ET), we revisit one of our favorite cities in the world, San Francisco. It’s the city of Alie’s birth, and where Georgia lived for a happy three years in the early 00s, so it was only natural that the “city by the […]

How to Throw a Coffee-themed Dinner Party

Seeing as how coffee is the life force that gets you through your day, may we suggest it as the main ingredient in your next potluck?

6 Disgusting Yet Delicious Foods

Deliciously Disgusting Foie GrasA “foodie” friend of ours recently posed this question: Why isn’t there a word in English to describe something that’s both disgusting and delicious? Good question. We pondered it and instantly got hungry, daydreaming about cheese that smells like feet, luxuriously musky truffles and liver pate that smells like wet dogs. So […]

“You Partied Too Hard” Hostess Gift How-To

We promise this gift will be appreciated more than that cheap scented candle or box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

Hello. I Invented a Signature Cocktail Just For You.

Do you have those friends who are impossible to buy for? They seem to have everything: every electronic gadget, every kitchen tool, every cookbook? Do they also have a drinking problem? Perfect. We’ve got the solution. A personalized, custom-created cocktail just for them! (Note: if they do have a real drinking problem and not just […]

Do the Truffle Shuffle

Freshly shaved truffles are one of those luxury items that just screams “This is for rich people only.” Priced from hundreds to thousands of dollars a pound, depending on the species, these musky mushrooms do not make for an affordable meal. But us financially impaired people appreciate good food, too. So in the tradition of […]