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Pix Potluck: Spinach Quiche with Bacon Salad

Cooking Channel fans have certainly been cooking up a storm. With so many holidays lately — Easter, Passover, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day — food people have never had more reason to get into their kitchens.

This latest photo — a Spinach Quiche with Bacon Salad, shared with us by Steve Cole on the Cooking Channel Facebook wall — has our mouths watering for a serious afternoon snack.

Steve, will you share the recipe with us?  Pretty please?!

If you want to share your photos with us, do it right here!

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What Kind of ‘Food Person’ Are You?

New user profile options for Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel is getting a lot more social.

Now you can show everyone what kind of Food Person you are by saving, rating and reviewing your favorite recipes for everyone to see. This means you’ll be able to let everyone know which recipes you’ve tried, and what substitutions you used to make them your own.  Time to get creative! Call all serious cooks:  We want to hear from you?

Plus, we cooked up some sweet cooking icons for you to choose from on your profile page—see above!

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Enter for an Opportunity to Meet Ching at the LUCKYRICE Festival

Chine-He Huang with Lucky Rice Festival

Cooking Channel’s own Ching-He Huang from Chinese Food Made Easy is joining the ranks of star chefs like David Chang, Daniel Boulud, Marcus Samuelsson and Anthony Bourdain to participate in the second-annual LUCKYRICE Festival, an exciting, week-long tribute to the incredible diversity of Asian culinary culture.

The NYC-based roster of festival events is a Who’s Whoin the Asian culinary world today, featuring truly unique events with chefs from Iron Chef Morimoto to Ming Tsai … see the full list here.

Ching hosts the LUCKYRICE Festival.

If you’ll be in NYC May 6-8, you can enter for an opportunity to win a pair of free tickets to two festival events, and meet Ching yourself!

Here’s how: Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post with a question you would pose to Ching about Chinese cooking. It could be a request for a specific tip on the best way to cook a dish, or a question about how she would tackle a specific ingredient. Get creative, but stick to questions about cooking that would have a broad appeal.

We’ll choose our favorite and award a grand prize:

  • A ticket for you and a guest to the Grand Feast on Friday, May 6 at 6-10pm
  • A ticket for you and a guest to Ching’s Talk + Taste on Sunday, May 8 at 1-4pm
  • A signed copy of Ching’s book Chinese Food Made Easy
  • Plus a chance to meet Ching!

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Sensational Guilt-Free Salads with Hungry Girl

YouTube Preview Image

Aren’t all salads healthy?  Just watch the fat and calories pile up when you cover your leafy greens with a groupy dressing!

But today at 4pm ET, Hungry Girl shares her best recipes for delicious, tasty salads that won’t leave you drowning in calories!

  • Hungry Girl’s Scoopy Salmon Salad is so decadent and creamy, it’s hard to believe a serving has only 2 grams of fat. Believe it, baby!
  • The HG Special is one of Lisa’s all-time favorites. It’s loaded with so many delicious ingredients, it doesn’t even need dressing!
  • Finally, Hungry Girl’s Top of the Chops BBQ Chicken Salad is a delicious, totally guilt-free version of the popular restaurant version. Lisa’s tastes just as good and is just as large — hooray!

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A Season Finale of Love, Happiness and Food!

Extra Virgin wedding kiss

The big day is here! Debi and Gabriele renew their wedding vows in the small Tuscan town of Fiesole, Italy, with family and closest friends on Wednesday’s season finale of Extra Virgin.

But there’s so much to do before the big event…

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Bronx Zoo Snake Lands New Show on Cooking Channel

A unique culinary perspective, coming this May on Cooking Channel. (Photo: Ashley Quirk)

Yesterday morning’s discovery of the Egyptian Cobra who’d gone missing from the Bronx Zoo drew sighs of relief from neighboring New Yorkers. The 5-day search led zoo officials to its hiding spot in a cozy corner of the zoo’s Reptile House.

But what is drawing most attention is news that Cooking Channel has announcing a joint partnership with the Bronx Zoo Cobra. Cobra Can Cook will launch in late May, just in time for grilling season.

“Sssteaks, sssucculent sssides … and other sssizzling sssurprises are what’s in ssstore for my fansss,” says the Cobra.

“The Bronx Zoo Cobra will help us tap into a whole new audience of cooking fans who also love snakes,” adds a Cooking Channel programming exec. “We’re very exsssited.”

The network is already in discussions with the Cobra for future show concepts, including SSSumptous Sssoups and  Mice Are Nice (to Eat).

Cooking Channel is also drawing on ideas from fans for new possible shows with the Cobra, so submit your ideas below.

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Pix Potluck: Banana Muffins with Coconut Flour

Thank you Yury Shteyn for sharing your awesome pic with us on Facebook.

We are curious how these banana muffins turned out, especially considering you used coconut flour. In our mind, anything with sprinkles counts as having turned out pretty well.

Question to Cooking Channel fans:  What substitutions do you like to make when baking, to give something your own personal twist?

Tell us below.

More on muffins and sharing:

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Rock Out with Nadia G. on Saturday, SIRIUS-ly

Sure, Bitchin’ Kitchen host Nadia G. sizzles in the kitchen. But did you know she’s got a mean playlist, too? (And the musical taste of several rock gods, plus three unicorns, combined?)

This Saturday at 7pm ET, your mistress of the kitchen is taking over SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Faction station (on channel 28), and hitting hard with a menu of tasty tracks. Be sure to tune in for fresh favorites and a head-bangin’ good time.

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One Mega Bite! Food Gets Hi-Tech

New food websites and digital apps that are out of this world.

This Sunday, Mo Rocca double clicks on delicious as Food(ography) explores the food websites, bloggers, and social networking that are changing our culinary mainframe.

Log on to see bloggers like Matt Armendariz who meticulously style and snap food, a 12 year old culinary prodigy who masters the kitchen and the web, and internet sensation Hungry Girl, who shares low-cal recipes with 1 million of her closest online friends.

Plus detour down the information superhighway with the wackier side of the World Wide Web as viral video vixens shake up cocktails, and molecular gastro-girl Salty Seattle mixes fashion with food.

Catch it all this Sunday at 9pm ET on Food(ography). Keep reading for more details…

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Rise and Dine with Hungry Girl

YouTube Preview Image

Not enough time for breakast? No way!  Breakfast gives you energy, allows you to stay fuller longer, and helps to maintain a healthy weight… if you do it the Hungry Girl way.

This week, Lisa shares her go-to breakfast dishes including:

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