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Super Food Nerds, Behind the Scenes: The Cherry on Top

Close your eyes and picture “cherry red.” What do you see? I’d wager you’re picturing a color that has been witnessed in a fresh cherry precisely … never. What you are seeing is a maraschino cherry — maraschino red, that is. Which is odd, because the maraschino we’ve come to know bears only the faintest [...]

Super Food Nerds: Make Your Own Sauerkraut

In my corner of the food universe, everyone’s crushing on kimchi these days. We — friends, co-workers, me — make it, share it, gift it, and put it in and on everything. When we see kimchi on a menu, we know instantly what we’ll be ordering. We are, it’s fair to say, obsessed; and in [...]

Super Food Nerds: Make Your Own Kimchi

Once kimchi has gotten its hooks into you — stinky and fiery as it may be — life becomes unthinkable without the fermented Korean dish. It makes masochists of those who happily endure its scorch — even Super Food Nerds like myself. Kimchi packs the earthy-fruity wallop of a good hot sauce, the crunch and [...]

Super Food Nerds: How to Make Your Own Yogurt

Superfoodnerd Milder here, reporting this month on Project D.I.Y. Yogurt. Let me start by saying that I came to this with some trepidation, scarred by a personal history of sour milk and thin, lumpy yogurts of my own making. I had read the articles (“better than anything you can buy!”), seen the blog posts (“idiot [...]

Super Food Nerds: In Pursuit of Hummus

Hi, I’m Jonathan, librarian, Super Food Nerd, and man in the grips of an obsession — an obsession with chickpeas. Or rather with hummus, the highest end a chickpea can aspire to. In New York City’s Chelsea Market, several floors below Food Network and Cooking Channel’s offices, there is a lunch counter for Ronnybrook Milk [...]

2013 Food Trend Predictions from Food Network Kitchens

The Food Network Kitchens peered long and hard into its crystal ball to come up with its annual list of the top trends that will define 2013 in food. Check out a few of their predictions here, then visit Food Network’s Dish for the rest of the list. What’s New? Make Some Room For: Artisanal [...]

Food Network Kitchens: Top Food Trends for 2012

The Food Network Kitchens peered long and hard into its crystal ball to come up with its annual list of the top trends that will define 2012 in food. Check out two of the trends here, then visit Food Network’s Dish and Healthy Eats for the rest of the list.

Get to Know: Local Butchers

Meat-eaters of America, grilling season starts with burgers. And great burgers start with great meat, freshly ground. Which is why this grilling season is the perfect time to start a relationship — with your butcher. Find yourself a good full-service butcher — someone who grinds daily, and grinds to order. Just as importantly, find someone [...]

Flavor’s Future

Please join me in a quick thought experiment: Do your gastric juices respond to the words Douglas fir? Favorably? Does your mind draw any association between ‘Christmas tree’ and ‘edibility’? To your way of thinking, is ‘Nordic’ more suggestive of a cuisine or a climatic condition? Do ‘yumberries’ and ‘cloudberries’ sound craveable? Snackable? Quaffable? Or [...]

Food Network Kitchens Forecast: 2011 in 2 Recipes

Yesterday we shared some of Food Network Kitchens’ picks for top food trends to watch for in 2011. Now get the recipes that celebrate those themes. Is this what we’ll be eating in 2011?