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Oh, Pie Goodness! Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie

Thanksgiving Pie Throwdown: Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to the Thanksgiving dessert table, there is one dessert it would not be complete without: pie. Fortunately, we have incredible pie recipes to finish your Thanksgiving feast with a “Wow!”

This time of year, the choice is almost always a difficult one between apple and pumpkin. Before the debate reaches a fever pitch, we’ve decided to settle this dispute of seasonal sweets once and for all by pitting the competition against each other.



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Review: Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies Review

By this time of year, you’ve probably already sampled a few pumpkin baked goods and thrown back a few of your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverages. Of all the pumpkin-spiced treats to choose from this season, you might have noticed that we have a particular weakness for pumpkin cheesecake. So when we saw Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Soft Dessert Cookies, there was nothing to do but sample.

Do these pumpkin cheesecake cookies deliver on their promise? Are they “a perfect blend of warm fall spices” and “a soft-baked, rich, melt-in-your-mouth experience?”

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Lincoln: Legendary President, Finicky Dinner Party Guest

Lincoln Dinner Party menu from Cooking Channel

The film “Lincoln,” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, tells the story of he 16th president’s tumultuous final  months in office. Abraham Lincoln, perhaps more than any other president, continues to occupy the public imagination.

Research on the topic of Lincoln’s food preferences seems divided.  While some sources state that Lincoln was mad about Mary Todd Lincoln’s cakes, others claim that he was rather indifferent on the topic of food altogether. Despite all of his accomplishments and accolades, he sounds to us like a challenging dinner party guest. Which begs the question:

If Honest Abe was the guest of honor at your dinner party, what would you serve him?

We’re throwing a dinner party menu of America’s most iconic state dishes inspired by this iconic insomniac.

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Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Menu

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Menu from Cooking Channel

Don’t deny it: You get as excited as we do when promos for Hocus Pocus start popping up all over the airwaves.

Not only is Hocus Pocus the best Halloween movie of all time (comment below if you agree or disagree), but it also gave us this Halloween party gem: A spell-binding performance from (soon to star on Glee) Bette Midler.

“Thank you, Max, for the maaaarvelous introduction.”

YouTube Preview Image

Call your friends, light the black-flame candle, and drink the witch’s brew: We’ve got the best Hocus Pocus Halloween Party menu to knock your friends off of their broomsticks. 

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WTFood: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…For Dessert?!

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have ignited a firestorm of controversy. According to ABC News and HuffPo, schools in Illinois, California, and New Mexico have pulled them from lunch menus due to their high-salt, high-fat, and potentially addictive qualities. Manufacturer Frito Lay is careful not to market to kids, but it seems its “not-marketing” is not working: Kids seem to love them. In fact, some kids love them so much that they created a rap to honor the snack:

YouTube Preview Image

This fiery snack also has a Facebook page of its own with almost 50,000 followers. WTFood?!

Check out the nutrition label and decide for yourself:

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“Gangnam Style” Korean Recipes

Gangnam Style Korean Recipes from Cooking Channel

We've got Korean recipes with flavors as addictive as Psy's dance anthem.

Korean pop sensation Psy has taken the world by storm with his viral dance hit “Gangnam Style.” This week, he continues to top the charts around the world, fending off boyband du jour One Direction in Australia and (soon to wed?) Rihanna in the UK. To pay homage to Psy’s killer dance moves, we’ve pulled together ten our our favorite new Seoul-full Korean recipes. The best part? The flavors in our new Korean recipes are just like Psy’s “Gangnam Style”: bold, spicy, zesty and fresh. 

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Happy National Pecan Cookie Day!

National Pecan Cookie Day Zac Young's Cranberry Pecan Oat Cookie Recipe

Happy National Pecan Cookie Day! We’re celebrating the way we celebrate most every holiday: with boozy baked goods. Zac Young’s Cranberry Pecan Oat Cookies with Bourbon Glaze might not be your traditional pecan cookie, but we think it’s the pecan’s toasty flavor + crunchy texture that’s the key to these delicious chewy cookies. These would pair well with a tall glass of cold milk, or for that matter, our Cereal Milk Cocktail.

Don’t worry if you were craving something a bit more traditional: we’ve got you covered there, too.

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Cooking Channel’s Summer Bucket List

Cooking Channel Summer Bucket List

Cooking Channel's staff share the dishes on their Summer Bucket List.

We can’t help it: Cooking Channel’s staff is experiencing serious end-of-summer denial. Before we sing so long to summer, we’re reminded of the fantastic summer we’ve had — and the few things summer won’t be complete without accomplishing. And since we’re Cooking Channel, can you blame us for focusing our Summer Bucket List on summer’s most iconic dishes?

Good news:  There’s still just enough time left to knock these items off your Summer Bucket List, and we’ve got the perfect recipes to help you do it.

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Sugarpova: Maria Sharapova’s New Candy Line is a Smash

Sugarpova Maria Sharapova Candy Line

Maria Sharapova shows her sweeter side with the launch of her new candy line, Sugarpova.

On the court, “sweet” is not the first word we would choose to describe Maria Sharapova’s aggressive baseline style of play (ruthless, determined, and intimidating do come to mind). However, off the court, the bodacious blond tennis star has released Sugarpova, her new line of premium gummy candies that reflects Maria’s “fun, fashionable, sweet side.

Flavors include:

  • Flirty: Sweet and pout-y gummy candy lips
  • Cheeky: “Cute but fierce” gummy bears
  • Sporty: Mini tennis gumballs, of course
  • Quirky: Fitting in is boring, and these strawberry-vanilla chewy treats stand out from the crowd
  • Chic: Accessories make the outfit, so fruit-flavored shades, bags, and shoes are the perfect fit
Check out full full list of flavors here, which includes several sour options.
Lucky for you, Sugarpova candies are available at retailers across the US, and online. Click here to find Sugarpova at a store near you.

Are you craving sweets now? Sorry we’re not sorry: Let us help satiate your sweet tooth.

Our Best Sugary Sweets:

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ParaNorman: Five Fixes to Bring Dinner Back From the Dead


“It’s not easy being Norman. The trailer for ParaNorman, the new stop-motion 3D animated feature being released today by the makers of Coraline, hints that Norman doesn’t have many friends and isn’t like all the other kids in town. In fact, Norman talks to the dead. When an evil witch threatens his town, Norman must use his gift to save his community from destruction. Sounds like life isn’t always a piece of cake.

Well, it’s not always easy making dinner, either. 

Does repeatedly ruining dinner have you feeling down?


Sometimes we all feel down. But don't let a botched dinner ruin your night -- Cooking Channel has the tips to bring your dinner back to life.

Have you ever burned the souffle? Charred the bread? Mistaken sugar for salt (yikes)? We’ve got five easy dinner disaster fixes to bring you back from the edge, and bring your dinner back from the dead.

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