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Pizza Hut Hong Kong Now Stuffs its Crusts With Creamy Fish Eggs

Once upon a time pizza chains only filled their crusts with more crust. Those were sad days in which people could only ingest a normative amount of cheese. Pizza Hut, the rebels that they are, decided to hide cheese, pepperoni and other gunk all over the dang place. How could they one up themselves? With [...]

The 26-Layer Alphabet Sandwich

Trying to teach your kids about the alphabet? Sure, you could make them memorize the order the old fashioned way, via that ridiculous catchy song. Or, if you were feeling industrious, you could make a gigantic sandwich that utilizes each and every letter in said alphabet. That’s what this blogger did. Nick from renowned food [...]

Canadian Restaurant Begins Selling Pizza Laced With Marijuana

There is this strange rumor afoot that says when people smoke marijuana like a cigarette it makes them inordinately hungry. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps it is not. No matter which, here is a Canadian restaurant that is taking this idea to the extreme. Vancouver’s appropriately named Mega ILL Cafe has begun serving pizzas laced [...]

Finally There’s Cafe Shaped Like a Giant Camera

Once upon a time there were two distinct worlds, that of cafes and that of professional cameras. These two worlds never interacted. Why would they? Then, suddenly, the appearance by a cafe in South Korea changed all of that forever. Introducing the Dreaming Camera Cafe, located an hour south of Seoul. Ever wanted to drink [...]

British Restaurant Offers Up 10,000 Calorie Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers are totally awesome. That fact is not up for debate. However, they do have one major fault. These tasty treats usually clock in somewhere in the 500-700 calorie range. That’s barely enough burger mass to feel shame over! Don’t worry, shame hounds. A restaurant in England has got you covered. Mister Eaters restaurant of [...]

The Greatest Food Pranks of All Time

Happy April Fools’ Day. While you are planning to pretend your dog transformed into the mailman or to replace the eggs in your house with oval-shaped balls of Play-Doh, why don’t you take a few minutes to stroll down memory lane? In honor of the holiday, here are the best food pranks in movies. Watch: [...]

Lose Weight With Bacon and Gravy Shakes?

The battle to lose weight is a costly one indeed, both figuratively in that it takes up a lot of mental energy but also literally as there are a lot of expensive products out there that claim to be a golden ticket. Well, these weight loss shakes come with one key difference: These taste like [...]

This App Sends You Surprise Food Deliveries

In the last couple of years, online food delivery has taken a big swing for the ubiquitous. Grubhub, Seamless, Delivery.  The list goes on and on. However, all of these services have one annoying thing in common. They all let you actually choose what you want to eat. Where’s the fun in that? Finally, there’s [...]

Indian Restaurant Lets You Dine Next to Dead Bodies

You know what’s been sorely missing in the restaurant industry? Rotting corpses! There is not a single joyous event that would not be made, uh, more joyous by being constantly reminded of your own impending death. A restaurant in India has finally decided to do something about it, thus ending the tyranny of constantly being [...]

Now There is a Museum of Coffee Machines

It used to be that museums were exclusively the purview of dinosaur bones and paintings of old rich dudes. Things have changed, however. Nowadays, there are museums for bad art, tap water and even dog collars. Well, you can add coffee machines to that list. Introducing the Museum of Coffee Machines, located in Milan, Italy. [...]