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Indian Restaurant Lets You Dine Next to Dead Bodies

You know what’s been sorely missing in the restaurant industry? Rotting corpses! There is not a single joyous event that would not be made, uh, more joyous by being constantly reminded of your own impending death. A restaurant in India has finally decided to do something about it, thus ending the tyranny of constantly being [...]

Now There is a Museum of Coffee Machines

It used to be that museums were exclusively the purview of dinosaur bones and paintings of old rich dudes. Things have changed, however. Nowadays, there are museums for bad art, tap water and even dog collars. Well, you can add coffee machines to that list. Introducing the Museum of Coffee Machines, located in Milan, Italy. [...]

This Zombie-Themed Beer is Actually Made From Brains

It wasn’t so long ago that zombie-fever was more a mild zombie-cough. Sure, zombie movies came out every now and then, but that was about it. Nowadays, however, the undead are more popular than vampires, pirates and ninjas combined. Case in point, here is a zombie-themed beer actually made from, ugh, brains. Introducing Dock Street [...]

Television’s 11 Best Food Hangouts

Whether it’s crowding around a diner table at Monk’s or catching a show at the Peach Pit, our favorite television characters have always been regulars at one eatery or another. Here is a list of the coolest spots to frequent if you happen to find yourself lost in a Los Angeles soundstage. Photos: The Best [...]

Noms Away: Here’s a Restaurant that Delivers Food by Parachute

Long time readers of this blog may remember that food delivery by drone has become something of a thing in the food service industry. However, forget all of that. Drones are so passé. The future is in delivery via parachute. It’s true! A pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Australia has taken to serving their patrons by [...]

New Restaurant Will Serve Up Chocolate Fried Chicken

Pretty much everyone loves fried chicken. Pretty much everyone loves chocolate. Why not combine the two into one gigantic franken-dish? Well, perhaps the two flavors go together like oil and water or Netflix and restraint. The potential gross factor is not stopping Adam Fleischman, creator of the popular Umami Burger chain. It’s appropriately named ChocoChicken and, well, [...]

Here is a Burger That Uses Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes as Buns

Just because the snow has thawed and we are slowly, and finally, becoming wrapped in spring’s gentle embrace doesn’t mean you must stop eating hearty meals. A wise man once said, “there’s no bad time for mashed potatoes.” On that note, here is a burger type thing that uses Thanksgiving’s favorite side dish as a [...]

Here is an App Dedicated to Bringing You Pizza at 3AM

It all started with fire. Then came the wheel, the printing press and, eventually, tiny computers we keep in our pockets at all times. Technology has advanced throughout the eons following its own secret evolution. Well, now all of you scientists and inventors out there can hang up your Bunsen burners. Technology has peaked. There [...]

This Gigantic Corn Dog is $25 and Stuffed With Bacon and Cheese

Ballpark food has come a long way since the days of dusty hot dogs and radioactive nacho cheese. It seems just about every club has some fancy offerings on tap nowadays. But only Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, can lay claim to this gigantic and expensive corn dog. The D-Bat Dog is 18 [...]

Now You Can Put Bacon in Your Wallet For Anytime Eating

Science has proven, time and time again, that bacon is one of the best foods in the universe. There is one down side to cured pork, however. It’s greasy as all get out. This means you can’t exactly walk around town as you grab strip out of your front shirt pocket. Well, you could but [...]