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This Burger Has Deep-Fried Hot Pockets for Buns

Cheeseburgers are great and all, but they suffer from a distinct lack of deep-fried delicacies as buns. Luckily, one brave restaurant has taken it upon themselves to make things right. Philadelphia’s PYT, who are no strangers to bizarre sandwiches, have blasted back with perhaps their most intense creation yet. The Hot Pocket Burger takes a [...]

The Ramen Burrito

Repurposing ramen noodles into stuff  has become something of a fad lately. It all started, of course, with the infamous ramen burger that still causes lines around the block in Brooklyn. These fried noodles have since gone on to invade fries, pizza and more. What’s next for ramen? Why, burritos of course. The appropriately named [...]

Out of Rice? Get it From a Vending Machine

Here in America, the notion of vending machines have undergone something of a makeover in recent years. Sure, you can still plunk down some change and get some stale chips or a soda. You can also, however, use them to buy fresh burritos and other full-fledged meals. China, however, has just taken this concept to whole [...]

This 3D Printer Can Make Magical Nutella Delicacies

If you pay attention to technology news, you have no doubt heard tell of these mysterious 3D printers that are filling the world with more useless knickknacks than usual. They work just like regular printers except, well, they create objects in 3D space. Obviously, this has been of great interest to the food community. Here [...]

Domino’s Korea Goes Overboard With Cheese Bun Pizza

Fast food pizza chains have something of an obsession with throwing weird stuff inside of crusts. Why use just bread when pockets of cheese, pepperoni or anything else will do? This is just something we’ve learned to live with, however in other parts of the world this obsession is even more extreme. Case in point: [...]

Japanese Fast Food Chain Creates Chorizo-Based Cruller Burger

It’s no secret the West likes to tinker with doughnuts, using them as buns for burgers, combining them with croissants and animating them in The Simpsons. However, Japan has one-upped us again. They have started doing some weird things with the doughnut’s fancy-pants cousin, the cruller. Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger just unveiled its [...]

Restaurant in Philippines Serves Up Crocodile Ice Cream

Out here in the States, ice cream that has a serious egg component falls under the purview of “custard style.” However, what happens if the eggs used to create said custard do not hail from a chicken’s backside and, instead, hail from the backside of a crocodile? The Sweet Spot, part of Davao Crocodile Park in [...]

This Beverage Container Tracks and Records Everything You Drink

There has been a lot of talk recently of privacy, particularly when we are traversing that world wide web. However, as of right now, we still have nearly perfect privacy when it comes to imbibing beverages (unless there’s a small camera in the roof of our mouths.) That may be changing soon, however. Here is [...]

This Cocktail and Perfume Bar Lets You Smell the Coming Hangover

They say that our senses of taste and smell are inextricably linked. Sometimes just catching a tiny waft of food cooking somewhere is enough to make us get on the horn/net and order some grub. This bar in Berlin takes this concept to its logical, and odorous, conclusion. The just opened “mixology/olfactory experience” at The [...]

Today in Food Tech: Grill Cleaning Robot and Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass

The burgeoning bromance between food and technology continues unabated. Here are two more snazzy gadgets that make the walls between food and tech thinner than ever before. First up, a grill cleaning robot. That’s right. a robot whose entire purpose is to clean your dang grill. The appropriately named Grillbot really gets in there to [...]