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Harvard Students Invent Aerosol Spray Cake Batter

First, man invented cheese. Then, man invented aerosol spray cans. Obviously this led to aerosol spray cans filled with, sort of, cheese. The masses, sort of, rejoiced. Now, thanks to a couple industrious inventors, this technology is finally being applied to everyone’s favorite birthday dessert, cake. Harvard students John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski decided to […]

French Supermarket Starts Selling ‘Ugly Vegetables’ to Decrease Food Waste

There’s no inherent advantage to eating camera-friendly fruits and vegetables. At the end of the day, aesthetics do not affect taste or nutrition. Still, distributors tend to sell mostly pretty produce, given the ugly type a one-way ticket to the trashcan. This, unsurprisingly, wastes a ton of food. One French supermarket is trying to nip […]

Japan Finally Opens Official Pikachu Cafe

If you have kids, or have been a kid, you no doubt know of Pikachu and his Pokemon brethren. These collectible little scamps are everywhere, cheerfully fulfilling their duties as enslaved gladiators. Finally, Japan is recognizing their contributions to society by giving their mascot Pikachu its very own restaurant. Tokyo’s Pikachu Cafe is your one-stop […]

Shock Metal Band GWAR Set to Open a Hot Dog Joint

When you think of musical acts least likely to open a hot dog joint, ironic metal weirdos GWAR would have to be at the top of your list. After all, the group is known for spraying fake blood on the entire audience (and that’s the least offensive thing they do.) Well, guess what? GWAR are […]

This Cooler Brings 21st Century Amenities to Camping

The only problem with the great outdoors is the distinct lack of the kinds of stuff you can do in the great indoors. What if you want to enjoy a freshly made smoothie as you and a bear watch the sunrise together? What then? Well, thankfully, here’s a cooler that lets you do that and […]

What Do You Think of These $200 Square Watermelons?

It’s summer time and the living is easy. Besides all of that easy living, there are plenty of picnics and barbecues to attend. Wanna be a hero? Bring a gigantic watermelon to your next outdoor shindig. Wanna be a superhero? Bring a gigantic square watermelon to your next outdoors shindig. Square watermelons have once again […]

McDonald’s Japan Lets Kids Design Their Own Breakfasts

Budding chefs take note: The fast food eatery has just issued a change to their standard issue breakfast Happy Meal. At McDonald’s Japan, each breakfast comes with chocolate and strawberry “pens” that kids can use to give their personal stamp to each meal consumed. Who doesn’t want to draw on their food with chocolate sauce? […]

An App To Scalp Restaurant Reservations

Technology companies sure do like talking about how they are making the world a better place. However, in their endless quest to improve every aspect of society with an iPhone app, sometimes they miss the mark a bit. Case in point? This new app that lets you scalp restaurant reservations, thus making eating out about […]

A New Portable Beer Tap

Do you love beer but tire of not having an actual tap right in the kitchen? There’s only so many times you can go through the motion of twisting off a cap, after all. Thanks to technology, and humanity’s endless desire to get drunk, here is a portable beer tap intended for bar use. Now […]

The Staff at this Restaurant Only Communicate With Sign Language

Finding restaurants that are accessible to people with disabilities can be extremely frustrating. Some are devoid of wheelchair ramps and some deny access to assistance dogs. In any event, one North American eatery has made itself into a home away from home for the hearing impaired. Toronto’s appropriately named Signs is staffed exclusively with hearing […]