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An App To Scalp Restaurant Reservations

Technology companies sure do like talking about how they are making the world a better place. However, in their endless quest to improve every aspect of society with an iPhone app, sometimes they miss the mark a bit. Case in point? This new app that lets you scalp restaurant reservations, thus making eating out about […]

A New Portable Beer Tap

Do you love beer but tire of not having an actual tap right in the kitchen? There’s only so many times you can go through the motion of twisting off a cap, after all. Thanks to technology, and humanity’s endless desire to get drunk, here is a portable beer tap intended for bar use. Now […]

The Staff at this Restaurant Only Communicate With Sign Language

Finding restaurants that are accessible to people with disabilities can be extremely frustrating. Some are devoid of wheelchair ramps and some deny access to assistance dogs. In any event, one North American eatery has made itself into a home away from home for the hearing impaired. Toronto’s appropriately named Signs is staffed exclusively with hearing […]

Los Angeles Restaurant Invents the Banh Mi French Dip

Hitting up your favorite Vietnamese restaurant can be a frustrating experience. Do you go for the brothy goodness of a bowl of pho or the chewy brilliance of a perfectly balanced banh mi sandwich? Choosing stuff is the worst! If only restauranteurs would create hybrid foods that contain all of our favorites at once. One […]

Internet Hero Raises Over $8,000 on Kickstarter for Potato Salad

Alton Brown’s Cold-Fashioned Potato Salad can be made for considerably less than eight grand. Some of us have dreams to become astronauts or morning talk show hosts. Some of us want to sail around the world or find a new kind of insect in a rainforest. Some of us, however, keep our dreams grounded on […]

This Booze Shop Will Buy Your Leftover Alcohol

Have you ever had a massive shindig only to find, in the morning, a bunch of half empty liquor bottles? What are you supposed to do with it all, mix it together to create the world’s first automatic barf machine? If you live in Tokyo you can sell those backwash-laden spirits to a second hand […]

Here’s a Coffee Shop That Runs Entirely on the Honor System

Are human beings inherently good or just mean-spirited animals constantly looking to get one up on everyone else around them? You could pore through centuries of research from the greatest human minds, or you could just set up a coffee shop that works on the honor system. A North Dakota coffee shop called The Vault […]

Pizza Hot Korea Goes Continent Hopping With Their Pork Taco Pizza

A little something has been happening in the food truck scene for the past several years. Slowly but surely, the concept of Korean-Mexican food has been catching on. Burritos filled with meat and kimchi? Yum! Pizza Hut Korea is taking this idea and throwing one more country into the mix for good measure. They just […]

Silver-Coated Champagne Ice Cream Bars

There is nothing better than celebrating something with a simple, yet satisfying, champagne toast. However, what happens when you are sick and tired of swallowing liquids and would rather conduct said toast over a simple ice cream bar? That’s where this bad boy comes in. Champagne makers Magnum Europe have created an uber-fancy ice cream […]

San Francisco Eatery Creates Uber-Fancy Haute Dog

Well, it’s baseball season. There is no better way to celebrate than stuffing our faces with tubes of pork (and occasionally beef.) One California eatery is going one step further, by creating a frank that would be at home near a baseball diamond or a fancy cotillion. San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves just unveiled their […]