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Rezhound is a Stupidly Named Service That Gets You Restaurant Reservations

So, you promised the person of your dreams a romantic dinner at the most exclusive eatery in town only to find out they aren’t even taking reservations at the moment. You are forced to enter the sinister world of black market reservations, only to make an enemy out of a ruthless mobster and you end [...]

This Food Truck Serves Up Grub Designed by a Supercomputer

Besides Ken Jennings, the second-most famous Jeopardy contestant of all time has to be Watson, the lovable supercomputer. Watson did a bang up job and proved that, contrary to popular belief, computers can store a lot of information. Now Sherlock’s microchip-laden buddy is back — and this time he’s got on his chef’s hat. The [...]

11 Best Songs About Comfort Food

Ah, comfort food. Is there anything better than sitting down, preferably in front of the TV, and gorging on one of your all-time favorites? The same goes for music. Is there anything better than driving around when one of your all-time favorite comfort tunes comes on? Let’s combine the two and take a look at [...]

This Machine (Sort of) Turns Water Into Wine

The ultimate goal of any alchemist worth her salt is to turn ordinary metal into precious gold. Besides that, however, the second greatest goal is to turn not-so-precious water into wine. Science doesn’t quite allow for that, but here is a machine that gets pretty darned close. It’s appropriately named The Miracle Machine. Consider it [...]

Now Californians Can Get Ice Cream Delivered to Their Door

Sure, life can be beautiful. It can also be a tough, desperate slog. Case in point? Sometimes you want to gobble up an entire pint of organic ice cream but your freezer is empty and your couch is really comfortable. What to do? You can’t call and order some because everyone knows ice cream can’t [...]

Here’s a Magical App That Turns Online Recipes Into Digital Grocery Lists

How many times has this happened to you? You read an amazing sounding recipe for cherry glazed ribs in one of your favorite blogs but then the act of actually figuring out what to buy and where to buy it becomes too much for you so, instead, you eat a bag of cheese puffs and [...]

Former NYPD Cop to Launch Police and Jail-themed Bar

NYC’s best and brightest may not be able to get soused on the job, but as we all know from NYPD Blue, they sure do like to get hammered after their shifts are done. Why should these heroes be forced to go to a bar that doesn’t remind them of their day job? Luckily, they [...]

Welcome to the Dystopia: Meat Made From Celebrities

In case you didn’t notice last night, our culture has sort of an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. Everywhere you look there are gossip sites and magazines dedicated to them, people doing impressions of them and, sigh, Tweets directed at them. People love them. People hate them. People hate other people that love them and love [...]

Now You Can Eat Dinner Hoisted Two Hundred Feet in the Air

There are some among us that count themselves as daredevils. They think nothing of skydiving from an airplane, riding a rickety roller coaster or eating an entire meal from Taco Bell. How do you take these people out to dinner? You can’t sit them down at a regular table. They’ll be bored to tears. Thankfully, [...]

Artists Undertake Expansive Sugar Cube City in Harlem

Some people like sugar in their coffee or their soda, or as a minor additive in their pasta sauce. Others, however, know that sugar was meant to act as the building blocks of a vast and extensive cityscape. A group of artists in Harlem count as some of these folks and are putting their sugar [...]