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Restaurant in Philippines Serves Up Crocodile Ice Cream

Out here in the States, ice cream that has a serious egg component falls under the purview of “custard style.” However, what happens if the eggs used to create said custard do not hail from a chicken’s backside and, instead, hail from the backside of a crocodile? The Sweet Spot, part of Davao Crocodile Park in [...]

This Beverage Container Tracks and Records Everything You Drink

There has been a lot of talk recently of privacy, particularly when we are traversing that world wide web. However, as of right now, we still have nearly perfect privacy when it comes to imbibing beverages (unless there’s a small camera in the roof of our mouths.) That may be changing soon, however. Here is [...]

This Cocktail and Perfume Bar Lets You Smell the Coming Hangover

They say that our senses of taste and smell are inextricably linked. Sometimes just catching a tiny waft of food cooking somewhere is enough to make us get on the horn/net and order some grub. This bar in Berlin takes this concept to its logical, and odorous, conclusion. The just opened “mixology/olfactory experience” at The [...]

Today in Food Tech: Grill Cleaning Robot and Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass

The burgeoning bromance between food and technology continues unabated. Here are two more snazzy gadgets that make the walls between food and tech thinner than ever before. First up, a grill cleaning robot. That’s right. a robot whose entire purpose is to clean your dang grill. The appropriately named Grillbot really gets in there to [...]

This Room is Filled With Lickable Chocolate Wallpaper

When Willy Wonka imagined a world in which snozzberry wallpaper decals actually tasted like snozzberries, little did he know he would one day inspire real life. An enterprising artist has created a room that uses similar, um, technology to give lickers the unforgettable taste of chocolate. Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio concocted the room in Scotland’s famed Jupiter [...]

This Food Truck Shoves Their Burgers Into Giant Bread Bowls

When does a burger become decadent? When it’s a 1/2 pound or more? When it’s covered by both cheese and bacon? How about when it rests snugly in an oversized bread bowl which you then eat with a knife and fork? That’s what one California food truck has been getting into. In GD BRO’s Supperbowl [...]

New Dessert Looks Just Like a Giant Drop of Water

They say that we eat with our eyes just as much as we do with our mouths. That’s why chefs tend to care so much about plate presentation. That’s also why “mixed-together slop” tends not to sell so well. Well, here’s a new Japanese dessert that first plays a practical joke on the eye. Japan’s Kinseiken [...]

Marijuana Coffee is Now a Thing Because Uppers and Downers Work So Well Together

Coffee is often the highlight of most mornings. It gets us perky and ready to embrace the day’s coming tasks. Marijuana, however, is often the highlight of dorm room evening’s, getting people drowsy and ready to embrace the night’s coming snacks. Could these two chemically unbalanced foes ever see eye to eye? Well, maybe. Introducing [...]

These Gourmet Toothpicks Each Contain Two Different Classy Flavors

After a good meal, it’s always good to use a toothpick to dislodge the soot from your poor, neglected teeth. However, what if you aren’t done tasting things? Sure, you can always grab one of those cinnamon or spearmint toothpicks, but that’s not food. That’s not even dessert. Thank goodness a company understands this plight [...]

Here is an iPhone Game in Which You Date Sushi

Everyone loves sushi. It’s easy to see why. Not only does it taste great but it also happens to be easy on the eyes. Why, as a matter of fact, it’s so easy on the eyes that there is now a video game in which you go around dating different pieces of sushi (sigh.) Made [...]