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Now You Can Put Bacon in Your Wallet For Anytime Eating

Science has proven, time and time again, that bacon is one of the best foods in the universe. There is one down side to cured pork, however. It’s greasy as all get out. This means you can’t exactly walk around town as you grab strip out of your front shirt pocket. Well, you could but [...]

Scientists Invent Tags That Can Tell You When Food Goes Bad

That old saying “don’t cry over spilt milk” may soon go the way of the dodo, if the ever-expanding wheels of science have anything to say about it. A team of Chinese researchers have invented something they are calling smart-tags. These tiny gel-like tabs can be affixed to just about any perishable food stuffs, from [...]

Today in Food Tech: Smart Egg Tray and a Popcorn-Friendly Microwave

You may not be able to eat microchips (yet), but that doesn’t mean the worlds of food and high technology can’t get along splendidly. Researchers and inventors are rushing out more kitchen gadgets than any other time in history. Let’s take a look at a couple of new ones, shall we? First up, something you’ve [...]

Tokyo Chef Perfects Art of Making Incredibly Small Sushi

Sushi is one of the greatest foods on Earth. Whether it’s a California roll at some stupid buffet or a plate of freshly prepared sashimi, you can be sure your stomach will be pretty pumped (not the best word choice.) However, what if an entire roll, or even one piece of a roll, is simply [...]

12 Cakes That Look Like Vegetables or Other Healthy Foods

There is some undeserved shame associated with eating an entire cake in one sitting. For those times when the guilt becomes too great, pretend to eat healthy by gorging on these sugary sweets that resemble more diet-friendly snacks. Let’s hear it for smoke and mirrors! Pictures: Decadent Sweets That Look Like Healthful Treats

Finally, There’s Pizza That is Stuffed With Marmite

Marmite is one of the world’s most delicious foods, said nobody outside of Australia ever. In actuality, it’s quite an odd assemblage of yeastiness, gravy and something curiously unidentifiable. Maybe it’s burned carbon. In any event, marmite is not anything you’d typically want near your pizza, much less in it. Well, it doesn’t matter what [...]

Forget Juice Fasts; Here is an Ice Cream Fast

There are many conflicting views regarding juice fasts, or cleanses. Some people and Netflix documentaries swear by them, saying the fasts give them a new lease on life. Some people, usually doctors of some sort, urge caution, saying that extreme diets very rarely work. Both sides can probably agree that if you replaced the juice [...]

Rezhound is a Stupidly Named Service That Gets You Restaurant Reservations

So, you promised the person of your dreams a romantic dinner at the most exclusive eatery in town only to find out they aren’t even taking reservations at the moment. You are forced to enter the sinister world of black market reservations, only to make an enemy out of a ruthless mobster and you end [...]

This Food Truck Serves Up Grub Designed by a Supercomputer

Besides Ken Jennings, the second-most famous Jeopardy contestant of all time has to be Watson, the lovable supercomputer. Watson did a bang up job and proved that, contrary to popular belief, computers can store a lot of information. Now Sherlock’s microchip-laden buddy is back — and this time he’s got on his chef’s hat. The [...]

11 Best Songs About Comfort Food

Ah, comfort food. Is there anything better than sitting down, preferably in front of the TV, and gorging on one of your all-time favorites? The same goes for music. Is there anything better than driving around when one of your all-time favorite comfort tunes comes on? Let’s combine the two and take a look at [...]