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411 on Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl

By January, you may resolve to focus on a little calorie cutting after an abundant and waist-increasing holiday season.  Stress not — we’ve got your back. Beginning Saturday, January 8th at 4pm, Hungry Girl aka Lisa Lillien arrives on Cooking Channel…

Holiday Gift Guide For Food Lovers

Have a hard-to-shop-for food lover in your life? We’ve polled some of our food lovin’ celeb chefs and Cooking Channel staffers for their top picks for Holiday Gifts….

Spend the Holidays with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has opened his house and home to Cooking Channel for the holidays and we couldn’t refuse the invitation. We’re serving up an entire month of Jamie as he cooks, parties, entertains and celebrates his way through the season…

FourCoursemen Special: RSVP Now

Six Friends.  Five Courses.  Good at food.  Bad at math.  They are The FourCoursemen.  A mix of self-taught gourmets and rising young stars with a commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients.  For those lucky enough to experience their unexpected creations, it’s a magical menu served up in seclusion on a side street in Athens, Georgia.  […]

Sifted: Thanksgiving Turkey Cake, Plus

Linkage we’re into — Extreme Home Thanksgiving Edition: * Meat the Infamous Thanksgiving Turkey Cake — Savory Layer Lovers Unite! [Chow] * Behold, the BEER CAN TURKEY — Crack a cool one and fire up the grill! [Food2] * Extreme Pumpkin Pie Recipe — Triple the terror; grab your Cool Whip [Extreme Holiday Ideas] Not […]

Dish Network Free Preview & Sweepstakes

If you have Dish Network, you’ve got Cooking Channel throughout the month of November, plus a really cool bonus… Who’s up for a month-long sweepstakes?

Sifted: Halloween Cocktail Edition

Linkage we’re into: * 11 Sexy Halloween Cocktails, plus the INFAMOUS Bloody Brain Shooter [Food2] * Creepy Halloween Bubble Cocktails — Enjoy with straw or fork [Instructables] * Frosty Apple Bobbing Cocktail Punch — Right in the kisser [Southern Living] * Spooky Party Drinks for Kids — Just, yuck. [Squidoo] (though we may take Emeril’s […]

Pumpkin & Squash Recipe Central

Cooking Channel has a bunch of tasty pumpkin and squash recipes rolling onto your television in the next week and we wanted to share a few that you’ll probably want to watch…

Cooking: Halloween Treats and Recipes

A colleague from came into the office yesterday with the most evil temptations…homemade pumpkin doughnuts. You do NOT want a warm batch of these only feet from your desk…

Craving: Unique Eats Meatballs

The other night, several colleagues attended the NYC Wine & Food Fest‘s Meatball Madness event. I did not.  Photos have been circulating via email for 48 hours now and I can only think of one thing…