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The Wolverine Sandwich Tears Apart Most Other Sandwiches

Not everyone can make it to San Diego and pay homage to Wolverine at Comic Con, so Cooking Channel is celebrating the food people way — with an easy hero recipe you can make at home. This Wolverine-inspired Shredded Beer Braised Beef Sandwich with Poutine would only be more impressive if it were laced with adamantium.

In it, claw-like French fry poutine (he is Canadian) protracts from beneath a toasted bun filled with shredded beer-gravy-soaked meat. It makes a perfect lunch or afternoon snikt.

Get the recipe.

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Bonus: Check out Wolverine and other superheroes’ favorite foods.

Hump Day Snack: Everyday Foods Transformed Into Appealing Sculptures

Check out more of Dan Cretu’s food art on his Tumblr page.

Hump Day Snack: A Doughnut Cake You Can Make in Minutes

With only one jar of pre-made frosting (Fourth of July-inspired red and blue food coloring and/or sprinkles are optional), you can transform a few donuts from awesome to pfffff! (the sound awesome makes when multiplied by a trillion).

The instructions are probably self-explanatory, but you can find them written out on Instructables.

For more incredible things you can do with donuts, be sure to tune in to Donut Showdown, premiering next Wednesday, July 3, at 10pm ET.

Hump Day Snack: 3D Printing Whiskey Bottles With Bees

YouTube Preview Image

Dewar’s has a new scotch called Highlander Honey. That’s cool, but honey drinks aren’t anything new to us. What is new to us is getting a bunch of bees to make a whiskey bottle out of a honeycomb. As part of Dewar’s marketing campaign for their new product, they took 3D printing back to analog by getting bees to create a honeycomb inside a bottle-shaped mold (see video). You can also watch a live stream of the bee’s in action on other non-bottle-shaped objects.

Hump Day Snack: Portraits of Grandmas and Their Cuisines from Around the World

Regina Lifumbo, 53 years old – Mchinji, Malawi / Dish: Finkubala (Caterpillar in tomato sauce)

Gabriele Galimberti, an Italian photographer, loved his grandmother’s ravioli so much that it inspired him to travel the world and create portraits of other grandmothers and their signature recipes. His results, Delicatessen with love, are heartwarming and interesting.

They also remind us of something.

Hump Day Snack: $15,730 Melons

The world has a new meloniaire (someone who can afford to drop 1.6 million yen on two melons.) A pair of Yubari King melons (a hybrid of two cantaloupe varieties) sold for $15,730 at an auction in Tokyo. It’s the perfect perishable gift for the person who has everything but melons.

See more of the world’s most expensive food.

Get (more affordable) recipes for melon.

Hump Day Snack: Food Cross-Sections

Photographer Beth Galton gives us a peek inside summer favorites like corn dogs and Sundae Cones with her series “Cut Food.” The shots are striking but they also remind us of something. Galton has takes pretty top-notch photos of food that hasn’t been sliced down the  middle.

Hump Day Snack: Sad Desk Lunch

According to, it’s not about what you eat on your lunch break that makes it sad, but how you eat (i.e. alone at your desk). The site lets you submit photos of your most melancholy meals for people to look at from their cubicles during lunch break.

Find hundreds of lunch recipes that will make your weekday afternoons a bit less disheartening.

Hump Day Snack: Steampunk BBQ

For the uninitiated six or so billion of you, steampunk is a subculture involving people who make believe they live in a world filled with retro-futuristic technology powered by steam. (You can DogPile it if you want more information.) One visionary Russian steampunk is bridging the gap between those who fantasize about a technologically-enhanced, alternate version of the American Wild West and those who enjoy low and slow cooked meats. Still, a steam punk locomotive grill won’t get you mouthwatering tender cue unless you’re properly trained.

Check out more of the coolest ways to grill.


Hump Day Snack: Turn Your Fridge into a ‘Doctor Who’ TARDIS

Here are three reasons someone might spend $185 to score a customizable skin that doctors your refrigerator as a TARDIS.

1) The hope that you could fit way more stuff inside.
2) Expiration dates don’t apply to time machines.
3) It’s a good excuse to bake some Dalek bread.

You can also buy an audio module that will play “your favorite Police Box sounds whenever the doors open.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to realize your mutual love of Doctor Who and cooking, you can get more info on

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