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Date Ideas Better Than Dinner and a Movie

When it comes to dating, every move you make is an opportunity for your partner to judge you. Choosing dinner and a movie just might scream “Hi, I’m boring.” So why not try something different?

Have a 4-Course Dinner ‑ at 4 Different Places
Get in your apps, main, dessert and drinks, but do it at four different joints that you know rock that course best. Bey, yeah! Not only will it have you traveling around the city and getting to know each other, but you’ll have four chances to make your date sweat over who’s paying.

Do Something Neither of You Has Ever Done
Skydiving, a piercing, or hot-air ballooning are all pretty random, unconventional things that are easier to try with some eye candy by your side. Since you’re both total newbs at whatever you’re trying, this levels the playing field while upping the adrenaline (i.e., the recipe for a good time).

Work Up a Sweat
Minds out of the gutter. Hitting a gym or recreation center is a great way to get competitive with each other. Whether he spots you on the bench press or you help him bend into a yoga pose, it’ll get you both feeling at ease with the other. And, hey, even if the body odor takes over and ends things, at least you got a great workout in. Win/win.

Remember, the point of dating is not only to seal the deal with a hottie but also to have a little fun. Before long your “date-nights” will consist of sitting on the couch eating pizza and watching Law & Order reruns on Netflix, so you might as well enjoy your options while you can.

Get more of Cooking Channel’s best Valentine’s Day ideas.

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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without A Date

Nadia G Valentine's Day

Contrary to popular belief, being single on Valentine’s Day will not lead to spontaneous combustion. Yes, you have to put up with couples sucking face left, right and center, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of this hallmark holiday.

Celebrate on February 15
This one is a no-brainer. Not only should you hermit indoors to avoid the above average rate of desperate men scrambling around in public, but you’ll have the opportunity to buy up all the fancy chocolates you can handle – and at half-price at that!

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When It’s Okay to Drink

Listen, gang. I know some days are just a mess. You pressed snooze four times, you’re late, traffic is horrible, someone’s in your parking spot, the report you stayed up late finishing is on your desk at home, and someone ate your donut. Managia. While a nice glass of wine at the end of that sounds pretty darn good, I’m a big believer in drinking to celebrate, rather than forgetting your woes.

Cheers to YOU!
Don’t wait until you hate the world to down a pretty cosmo. Plan a day where you celebrate your awesomeness; get your hair done, get a massage, and drink some champagne. You’ll enjoy the bubbly most when you’re happy!

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How a Chick Can Survive the Super Bowl

Nadia G Super Bowl Tips

Look, if you’re dating a dude who enjoys sports, your living room will probably be transformed into an all-male mecca come February. And if you’re planning on sticking around rather than leaving on a full day’s worth of shoe shopping, I’ll have to question where your priorities are. Then again, maybe I can see the allure of men in tight pants, savagely attacking each other to the ground all in the name of pigskin ….

If you’re going to survive the man cave, though, you’re going to need food. Luckily, I have recipes for just this occasion. Here’s my quick guide to surviving the Super Bowl!

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How to Spend a Snow Day

Growing up in Montreal, I know a thing or two about snow. We’re talking car-burying, boot-filling and hermit-making snow days that don’t mean a day off work but rather hustling your way TO work in a foot of snow! But if you’re lucky enough to actually get to stay home, check out some of my favorite ways to spend a snow day.

Get Outta Town
Bey yeah. Being Canadian doesn’t mean loving snow; it means tolerating it until you can take off! Think beaches, drinks in coconuts and trading in your biggest parka for your smallest bikini. Miii bro, imagine being in the sun, while all the newrds are back home shoveling snow.

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New Year’s Resolutions You Should Skip

Why does putting up a fresh cat calendar always inspire us to promise ourselves wild things we can never live up to? Fact is, you’re pretty bitchin’ already, so feel free to keep these resolutions out of your 2013 plans.

Lose Weight
Trimming up is great, but setting unrealistic goals like dropping a third of your body weight by summer is just going to get you down. Which in turn will cause you to assume the fetal position while binging on ice cream. Instead, just focus on staying active and healthy.

Take The Stairs
Admirable, but totally undoable. You’ll be in a rush one day, or stuck behind too many slow walkers, or wanting to get in some elevator chat time with that cute guy/girl from the third floor office. Either way, you’ll befriend the elevator again.

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Two Random Things That Make Me Happy

Nadia G Happiness

I find it very easy to rant about what gets me mad (see my Furious Foods episode). However, this week on BK, I’m switching things up and yappin’ about being happy — like “unicorn and rainbows” happy. Sure, not every day is a shoe-shopping-happy kind of day, but it’s the little things that should keep you from flying off the handles. Check out two things that, without fail, get me grinning:

1) Finding a parking spot, real fast.
It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re driving around for what seems like forever, the difference between finding a parking spot quickly and leaving tire track crop circles is key. Landing that magical spot right in front of the office when you’re running late for a meeting, or in front of your apartment building after a long day, can take a day from “drowning your misery” to “girls’ night out” in a heartbeat. You know what I mean.

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Ho, Ho, How to Stay in Shape with Holiday Food Around

If you know me, you already know that I take some serious pride in my guns. Yup, those four days a week in the gym aren’t wasted on being modest and they certainly aren’t being traded in for guilty pleasures over the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be having second servings and festive cocktails like it’s my job, but there are some easy ways to make sure you’re not feeling like a stuffed turkey come New Year’s Day.

Make Healthy Food and You’ll Eat Healthy Food
Yes, Thanksgiving gravy, Christmas cookies and Valentine’s Day chocolate are all wonderful things, but it’s the buffets — guilt-filled family dinners and colleague pot lucks — that really have you bursting at the seams. Understanding that moderation is the key will make sure your plate isn’t filled solely with the naughty stuff. My trick is to cook up something wicked good and healthy! Try a vegetarian or vegan side dish that won’t put off your meat-loving folks, but compliment the other heavy foods on the table. Then, be sure to have a good helping of that and smaller helpings of the rich stuff. It’s not about deprivation, or compromising on flavor and the fun of holiday pizazz (your veggie chili can be served in a snowman bowl, too). And remember, drinks are full of the same evil carbs and calories as food. Treat them like treats, and you might even avoid some embarrassing confessional conversations with your boss.

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Parenthood Isn’t All “Chicken Fingers and Fries”

Nadia G Parenthood

Cheese pasta in a box, soup from a can, frozen nuggets!? It’s no wonder shquiblets give some folks a hard time during meal time. You have no idea how many family dinners I’ve sat through where I just wanted to stuff broccoli in my little cousins’ faces and tell them to suck it up! Seriously, it’s good for you AND it tastes great. Also, kids with food on their faces makes me giggle. I have no shquiblets of my own, this is true, but I guarantee that if you follow these 3 steps, they’ll finish at least a third of their meal, or at least try to.

Get them involved in the process.

Kids love to make a mess. It’s a fact. And since you’re no Mr. Clean, the kitchen is the perfect place of attack. Slap an apron on them and have them wash potatoes, hand-crush the San Marzano tomatoes, or knead the dough.  Put some music on and make it a good time! This’ll help trick them into thinking chores are “fun,” all the while cutting down on your own.

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