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Your New TV Addiction: The Freshman Class is Back

On tonight’s Season 2 premiere of The Freshman Class, four students facing high-pressure personal struggles will fight tooth-and-nail against the intense, hands-on culinary program at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz in order to journey towards their dream career in the food industry. Gabriel is a former gang member trying to raise his baby son. Kim’s demanding […]

The Scoop: $1,000 McDonald’s-Inspired Dress

We’ve boiled down the latest food news for you to peck at: You Can Own the Pabst Brewery, If You Want/Have $1 Billion A Food Truck with a Jeopardy-Winning Robotic Sous-Chef You Can Make Your Phone Alarm Smell Like Bacon Coffee Will Have Similar DRM Restrictions of MP3s $1,000 McDonald’s-Inspired Dress Discontinued Fast Food Items

Comfort Fest: Top 5 Pizzas Without Sauce

These five sauce-less pizzas are loaded with soft, savory cheese and indulgent, meaty toppings. Even red sauce lovers will do a double take. 1. New Haven-Style White Clam Pizza (pictured above) America’s best pizza is a notoriously loaded subject, but the white clam pies native to New Haven, Conn., always surface at the top of […]

Survive the Academy Awards with Alie & Georgia’s Quick Bar Tips

The Academy Awards are three hours long. The night is usually filled with a lot of crying and crushed aspirations — and don’t get us started on what goes on at the actually ceremony. Raise the bar for everyone surrounding your TV with Alie & Georgia’s tips on the best booze and mixers:

The Scoop: 74,476 Reasons to Get a Bigger Pizza

We’ve boiled down the latest food news for you to peck at: Nutrition Labels Get Updated 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza Is Meat Made From Celebrities’ DNA a Thing? Watch Nick Kroll on Conan Eat Like a Guy in a ’70s Movie Chipotle Has a New Vegan Burrito And Then There’s […]

Binge Watch Kelsey’s Essentials Online

If you want to know how to make easy homemade pasta or a fail-proof roast chicken or perfect pie crust,  Kelsey Nixon will show you how on Kelsey’s Essentials — and that’s just in the first three episodes of Season 1. Now you can watch every single episode in its entirety online, and pick up […]

3 Ways to Eat Pizza Better

Patsy Grimaldi has been making pizza in New York for more than 70 years, and he’s been a traditional slice folder for just as long. Dan Pashman thinks there are better ways to get pizza from your plate into your belly, so he took to Patsy’s newest restaurant in Brooklyn to see how his unconventional […]

The Scoop: JLaw’s Dorito Addiction and the 2-Liter Challenge

We’ve boiled down the latest food news for you to peck at: Jennifer Lawrence Nearly Ruined American Hustle Gown With Dorito Dust Watch Tina Fey Eat Cronuts with Jerry Seinfeld Would You Attempt to Chug 2 Liters of Soda Without Burping? Seattle Fans Name Daughter Cydnee Leigh 12th Mann After Seahawks Cheering Section Are Protein […]

12 Reasons to Go to South Beach Food & Wine Festival

From February 20-23, Miami will host one of the biggest food events of the year, The Food Network SOBE WFF. It will be a good place to be because — aside from it being so much warmer in South Beach than pretty much anywhere else — the fest is its own vortex of taste bud-pleasuring […]

Review: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy OREOs

Since you won’t be able to get a hold of them yourself until next month*, we thought you could taste these new limited-edition flavors vicariously through us, as we had some samps sent to the office (the creamy perks of running a food blog). Here’s how the Cooking Channel and Food Network editors’ taste buds […]