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How to Eat Like an Olympian

Iron Chef America

As the games begin to heat up in the Olympics arena, the competition will be equally fierce in Kitchen Stadium during Cooking Channel’s marathon of Iron Chef America tonight beginning at 8 PM ET. They’re two different arenas with two different kinds of champions, but both keep us on the edge of our seats.

The London Olympics 2012 opening weekend brought us some great television: David Boyle’s cinematic opening ceremony, intense international competition and a round-up of athletes with bodies so toned you can’t help but feel inferior watching them. By the end of it, with my mind on Olympics overload, I naturally began to think about food. What do Olympics athletes eat to keep up with such a strenuous physical regimen?

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Travel to Puerto Rico with Tino’s Latino

There’s no one better than a born-and-bred local to show you around a new place. That’s why we’re joining Chef Tino Feliciano for the ultimate tour of his home country on Cooking Channel’s new special Tino’s Latino: Puerto Rico – this Sunday at 8pm ET.

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Better Burgers for Your July 4th Party

Cripsy Tuna Cake Sliders

These Crispy Tuna Cake Sliders are a great lighter alternative to the classic burger.

When it comes to grilling, Burger is King. It always seems that when people gather, stomachs and minds in grilling mode, they can’t help but salivate over that delicious patty they’re about to layer on a bun with their favorite toppings, slather in sauces and sink their teeth into. These days, though, everyone seems to be on one special diet or another, or eager to venture beyond their burger-comfort zone. How do you please an entire crowd when one person is watching their cholesterol, another is vegetarian and half of your guests are bored with beef burgers?

We feel your pain and are here to help. Check out some of these alternatives to the classic burger. Use them as recipes and inspiration to please your crowd of hungry friends:

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Uncover Authentic Cuisines in Unlikely Places on Hidden Eats, USA

Host Aarti of Hidden Eats

Get ready to venture out and explore off-the-beaten-path food spots on Cooking Channel’s new show Hidden Eats, USA. Host Aarti Sequeira will be embarking on a food-filled adventure searching for some of the most authentic and exotic cuisines America has to offer, including home-style Filipino dishes, bona fide Uzbek Korean cuisine, coveted Ecuadorian food trucks and much more.

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