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What Makes the Perfect Bowl of Ramen

Say sayonara to the instant ramen you had in college. The ramen that has swept the nation in recent years is more complex, dynamic and, quite frankly, much more delicious! Some say the noodle dish originated in China, some say Japan. Regardless, every chef has their own opinion of how to create this traditional Asian comfort food.

To get to the bottom of what truly makes the perfect ramen, Unique Eats visited Ramen Tatsu-Ya in Austin to chat with Chef Tatsu Aikawa and find out how he creates his mouthwatering specialty.


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A Truly Kick-Ass Hero

If there’s any take-away from Kick-Ass 2, it’s never to underestimate things that come in small packages. In honor of the movie and its pint-sized superheroes, Cooking Channel brings you the Kickin’ Meatball Parmigiana with Diavolo Sauce. The meatballs on this hero may seem unassuming, but inside they are bursting with flavor. From the beef/pork blend in the ball itself, to the secret weapon hidden in the center, smoked mozzarella cheese, this sandwich is sure to save the day (or night) at your next family meal! Don’t forget the red pepper-infused spicy diavolo sauce for a kick even Hit-Girl would envy.

Get the recipe and more superhero-inspired sandwiches.

What to Eat During a Sharknado

What do you get when you mix one 90210 alum with a dash of Tara Reid and a pinch of global warming?   A recipe for disaster!  In Sharknado, which premiered last night on Syfy, we were given a glimpse into how the world would react if a tornado carrying thousands of sharks were to hit the California coastline.  While the verdict is still out on if the movie will be a contender for this year’s Emmys, the internet went wild through the entire airing, with celebrities from Mia Farrow to Horatio Sanz weighing in via social media.

The biggest question I had was why it took Ian Ziering so long to kill off those sharks, when it only takes Giada DeLaurentis 15 minutes to cook her shark to perfection?  Maybe next time Steve Sanders should call for more qualified backup!  In her mouth-watering twist on a traditional eggs benedict, Giada lays a freshly grilled shark fillet on a bed of sautéed veggies, and tops it all off with poached eggs and hollandaise.  Impress (or freak out) all your friends at the next backyard barbeque with a Shark Jumble they are sure to remember!

5 Delicious Ways to Get a Hangover

It’s Friday. For most, it’s the last day of the work week we have to get through before we finally reach the weekend. For some, it’s a day for recovery. Hangovers are never fun, but if you are going to wake up tomorrow wishing you never turned 21, you may as well savor every sip as it goes down. In honor of The Hangover Part III, we’ve put together a list of the top five most-delicious ways to get a hangover.

1: Tequila Lemonade (pictured above) – For the tequila fans out there: Clear your schedule for tomorrow morning. You’re going to need some R&R after you gulp down a couple of these adult lemonades. Meyer lemons, fresh mint and a whole lot of tequila come together to make a refreshing yet simple cocktail with a kick.

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