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Rock This Look: Nadia G. Goes Retro

Nadia G. Rock This Look

We all know that maturing usually goes hand in hand with fashion sense. Sure, some of us were stylish kids, but the rest of us suffered the humiliation of matching our siblings hand-me-downs and, dare I say it, school uniforms. We have our parents to thank for that! In Nadia G.’s “Childhood Favorites” episode, she’s showing you that nostalgia can be cool, as long as you leave the acne out of it. Vintage tees can be glammed up with a pair of skinny jeans, sky-high heels and even some cuter-than-your-school-yearbook-photos socks – as long as they match.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Julia Child

julia child
Today we’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of Julia Child’s birth. Honor the queen of French cuisine by reciting Julia quotes all day long (in your best high-pitched Julia voice, of course), watching classic videos (like this one: Julia and the Chicken Sisters), browsing bloggers’ best Julia dishes, making a fancy French feast and by memorizing some Julia Child trivia to recite to anyone who will listen.

Better get started. Did you know . . .

Finding Fishing in New York City

This week on Hook, Line & Dinner, I head to the Big Apple to prove that New York City is really just one giant fishing village.

One key person in tonight’s episode is my good buddy Pastor Phil. To help you appreciate him, here’s a little background. One day while I was fishing from the North 5th Pier in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I pulled some spark plugs out of the water. It was clear someone was trying a rig that involved using them as sinkers. This got me curious — I wanted to know who the man was behind this creative rig.

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Nadia G’s Depression Desserts

Nadia G. Depression Desserts

Feeling blue? Nadia cures her woes with dessert (and lots of it)!

Stuffing your face with sweets is always a good cure-all when you’re down in the dumps. You could curl up with a pint of ice cream and call it a night — but we’ve got an even better idea. Whip up one of Nadia G’s decadent desserts and kiss the blues goodbye.

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South Beach Wine & Food Fest 2012 — Burger Kings, Bubbly & BBQ

South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2012 -- The Sparkly Cow

South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2012 -- Sparkly Cow Greeter

The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival is well under way in sunny Miami and whether you prefer Iron Chefs to Top Chefs, Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri, the stars are out in force…

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Chuck Hughes Answers Your Top Questions

Chuck Hughes from Cooking Channel

He’s already competed in Kitchen Stadium, worked hard on his Day Off and spent the week in Mexico. For Chuck Hughes’ next challenge, he decided to take on: Your questions.

Chuck stopped by the Cooking Channel Facebook Page earlier today to answer questions from his fans. In case you missed it, here are some of your best questions and his answers:

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Chuck Hughes on The Next Iron Chef

Have you been watching the new season of The Next Iron Chef over on Food Network? The stakes are high this year with a star-studded lineup of Super Chefs competing for one coveted Iron Chef spot, including Cooking Channel’s own Chuck Hughes.

The Chuck’s Day Off host and chef-owner of Montreal’s Garde Manger restaurant has made it through the first two Chairman’s Challenges with solid food, but he also seems to be endearing himself quite well to the judges: “You always look very happy when you’re cooking,” said food writer Simon Majumdar in Sunday’s episode. “It really comes through in your food.”

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Cooking Channel Stars Spotted at NYC Wine & Food Fest

Debi and Gabriele hosted a swanky Cocktails and Caviar party above the new Dream Hotel.

The 2011 New York City Wine and Food Festival was a weekend-long celebration of, well… wine and food. It featured bites from top TV chefs and the city’s best restaurants, plus cocktails and wine in all varieties. It was also a chance to meet and mingle with all the big stars from Cooking Channel and Food Network. But the annual festival is more than just a big party — 100 % of the proceeds from the festival go directly to the  Food Bank For New York City and the Share Our Strength foundation.

Check out the Cooking Channel stars who made an appearance:

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Friday Food Fight: Corn-Tomato Salad

Mark Bittman and Kelsey Nixon

Who makes a better summer corn-and-tomato salad — Mark or Kelsey?

Welcome to Friday Food Fight, where we pit two similar recipes against each other and leave it to you, Cooking Channel fans, to tell us which you like better — or why your own take on the dish beats them both!

This week, we’ve got two takes on an August favorite: the corn-and-tomato salad. Both are at their peak right now, so we turned to foolproof recipes from Mark Bittman and Kelsey Nixon to take full advantage of the summer produce bounty before it’s too late.

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United Tastes of America: Season 2 Premieres Tonight

Jeffrey Saad of United Tastes of America

Jeffrey sits down with Chef Akira Back to try a spicy tuna roll at Yellowtail Restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Jeffrey Saad returns to Cooking Channel to continue his hunt for the foods that unite America. In season one of United Tastes of America, Jeffrey tracked down the back stories on all-American  classics, like burgers, pizza and hot dogs. In season two, he goes further. In addition to the all-American favorites, he also explores dishes that were created and popularized on other shores but have been embraced by Americans.

Like tonight, when he kicks it all off with a look at sushi.

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