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NYC Steakhouse Served Up Thanksgiving Dinner for $9,000

Thanksgiving has come and gone and no matter how fancy that turkey you ate was, it’s a good bet that it didn’t set you back nearly ten grand. However, one NYC restaurant spent the holiday catering to the mega-rich, which is just what the pilgrims intended.

NYC’s Old Homestead Steakhouse offered up a Thanksgiving dinner that clocked in at at a massive $8,725 per person. How many quick-bake biscuits does that amount of dough buy you nowadays? Well, none. But it does buy you an organic turkey stuffed with ground Wagyu filet mignon, a squab stuffed with foie gras that has been soaked in Courvoisier L’Esprit cognac, gravy made from Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine and mashed potatoes made with Swedish moose milk and topped with Swedish moose cheese. However, the potatoes themselves were not sourced from Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, so money can’t exactly buy you everything.

Meal patrons also received choice seats to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a gift certificate to Bloomingdales and complimentary dance lessons. Those last two don’t make any sense but, hey, people expect their money’s worth.

Chef Daniel Patterson Starting Restaurant That Refuses Tips

The customs surrounding tipping vary from culture to culture, with it being expected in America and it being included in the overall price throughout Europe. This causes plenty of confusion when dining out, although you can never fail by erring on the side of tipping. However, one California restauranteur is opening a new eatery that will refuse any and all tips.

Chef Daniel Patterson, renowned for running a restaurant called Coi, is prepping his newest creation called Aster. If the menu says a plate of sous vides thingamajigs costs $25, then that is exactly what it costs.

In addition to not accepting tips, Aster will also do away with all service charges, offering a completely flat rate meal. So, if you have exactly $25 burning a hole in your pocket, you should check out California’s Aster when it opens.

Japanese Pizza Chain Offers Chocolate as a Topping

It is an undisputed fact of the universe that nearly everyone loves chocolate. People love it on cake. People love it on ice cream. People love it by itself. Do people, however, love it sitting next to cheese and sauce on a pizza? That’s what one Japanese pizza chain is finding out.

Aoki’s Pizza, found throughout Japan, has just unveiled their Black Thunder Pizza. This pie contains the usual accoutrements, including mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. However, it also contains melted hunk of a chocolate bar. Just in case that isn’t weird enough, the pie also contains pieces of pineapple. Are they just screwing with people now?

This pizza officially launches today. Hey, that’s Thanksgiving! If you get a chance to try this beast, report back to us and let us know what you thought.

This Guy Will Be Your Horrible Thanksgiving Boyfriend

One of the most anxiety-inducing parts about traveling home for Thanksgiving is all of the questions from friends and family about your life. They mean well, but there’s only so many times you can explain your job or the reason for lack of a significant other. This enterprising young gentleman, however, has begun renting himself out to make those conversations easier to digest, by ruining them.

This Craigslist ad popped up in Nashville last week. This guy will give it his all to ruin Thanksgiving dinner at your request, and all just for the price of the meal (He really likes turkey.) What could you have going on in your living room if you hire him? He’ll pretend to hit on other women, start combative political discourse or even just fight the family member of your choosing. It’ll be a laugh riot!

Of course, this could backfire if you, say, actually care about your family having a good time while they eat. There’s always that to consider.

Dreams of Bacon-Wrapped Gators Stuffed With Turduckens

Ever since mankind gazed toward the heavens and thought “hey, let’s stuff two random meats together” there has been talk of getting a gator involved. After all, alligators are totally awesome and have been known to randomly sneak into South Florida homes for some good-natured tomfoolery. One man recently tried to channel the Epic Meal Time guys with a holy grail of crazy mash-ups.

A man in Portland named Marc Anthony tried to raise five grand to bring his modest candied-bacon-wrapped gator pork turducken dish to the masses. As the name suggested, it would involve a full-sized gator wrapped in candied-bacon. Then it would have a giant turducken stuffed inside its mouth. Meat on meat on meat on meat on meat.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter raised only $14 dollars, so this dream of five animals meeting on a dinner plate will not be realized.

Spotify Curates Music Based on Thanksgiving Turkey Size

It’s no secret that the most finicky part of cooking that Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey itself. Not only is proper basting an exacting and time-consuming task, but the bird has to sit in the oven for four or five hours. Now you can spend that time jamming to tunes, thanks to Spotify.

The music streaming company has developed a series of playlists that correlate to the time your bird needs to sit in the oven. All you do is open up the program and enter how fat your turkey is and let the magical algorithm do the rest. Pretty soon you’ll be rocking out to a playlist that is the exact length of the cook time. Yay technology? Yeah, sure.

Of course, this service will only be available until Thanksgiving, as people don’t tend to cook giant turkeys throughout the rest of the year (which is a bummer.)

This Guy is Drinking Ten Cokes a Day For Science

Some people have — how can this be put mildly — issues with consuming rational amounts of soda pop. But these sodas are usually packed chock-full with sugar, and doctors tend not to like it when you inject your body with 350 grams of sugar in a day. However, one guy is doing just that by downing ten whole cans of Coke each and every day. Why? For science!

The owner behind the blog 10 Cokes a Day has been drinking, uh, ten Cokes a day for nearly a month now. In a move reminiscent to Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me, he’s doing it to raise awareness about the health ramifications of ingesting that much sugar. So far, he’s gained over twenty pounds and has some blood pressure issues to boot, proving once again that too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing.

He still has ten more days to go, so who knows what will happen at the end? Maybe he’ll turn into a giant can of soda.

This Apple Store in England is Filled With Actual Apples

By now, everyone knows the iconic look of an Apple Store. There’s the angular steel, the square shape and the millions of too-expensive computer products. However, a group of artists and fruit enthusiasts in England have taken it upon themselves to design an Apple Store and fill it with actual apples, instead of tablets and phones.

The Real Apple Store is currently on display at the 1,000 year old Borough Market, which predates the iPad by a sweet 995 years. Inside visitors will find over 1,000 varieties of apples, which is a sweet 995 more than the average person has heard of. You can also taste any of them, which is the real boon here. Finally, you can get your mouth around that one variety of apple your dad hasn’t stopped talking about since 1977.

Unfortunately, this exhibit will only be installed for a limited time, probably until the apples go rotten.

Brits Celebrate Not-Thanksgiving With Turkey-Flavored Doughnuts

Believe it or not, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over there in jolly old England. It must be something about those two wars or whatever. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t enjoy the sublime tastes of Thanksgiving food. They just tweak it a bit. How much? Well, here are some turkey- and stuffing-flavored doughnuts.

The manufacturer behind these poultry-ish treats is a grocery chain called Tesco, who are known for a series of bizarre doughnut variations appropriately called Weirdoughs. In addition to this turkey and stuffing concoction, they also sell bacon doughnuts, cheese and onion doughnuts and, of course, salt and vinegar doughnuts. They are likened to doughy, soft potato chips, so as not to tax the English’s already dilapidated teeth (zing!)

If you find yourself wandering around England next week, pick up a pack and enjoy Thanksgiving in soft, doughy form. You could probably scour the Internet and find some as well.


California Restaurant Makes a Burrito Out of Pho Noodles

Photo by Peter Pham

Society has finally come to this. After a year filled with ramen burgers and creepy donut hybrids, here comes a frankenfood sourced from a burrito and a bowl of Vietnamese soup.

California cafe Komodo — which also doubles as a food truck and catering service — has just unveiled the appropriately named Phởritto, a burrito stuffed with to the gills with pho. Now, before you start worrying about spilling stock all over your shirt, the burrito is delightfully free of wet stuff. It does, however, feature rib-eye steak, cilantro, bean sprouts, onions, Thai basil, jalapeño, lime juice and, of course, pho noodles. They even give you some hoisin sauce and sriracha for dipping.

This is only available in California, but those of you made hungry by this post can always do a double take-out jaunt and do a little frankfooding of your own.