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Toronto Bakery Creates Extravagant $900 Cupcake

All you read on the Internet lately is how cupcakes are dead. Crumbs has been in the throes of bankruptcy, the lines at NYC’s Magnolia have dwindled and there is no third Sex in the City movie in sight. Don’t give up on these diminutive delicacies just yet, however. Canada’s got that junk on lockdown. […]

Creator of Cronut is Back With Peanut Butter and Pretzel Lobster Tails

The not-so-humble Cronut may have bought its creator, Dominique Ansel, a new hot tub or two, but that doesn’t mean this Prince of perfect pastry is standing still. His newest creation? A lobster tail that is heavy on the pretzel and peanut butter and not so heavy on the lobster. The appropriately named Pretzel Lobster […]

This App Delivers Prepped Ingredients to Your Door

The notion of getting food delivered is not a new one. It started with pizza and Chinese food many decades ago. Then came grocery delivery services like FreshDirect. Finally, there’s services such as Blue Apron, which deliver pre-apportioned ingredients for use in curated recipes. What if you like your ingredients not only pre-apportioned but also […]

Here is a Real Convenience Store Filled Entirely With Fake Foodstuffs

Convenience stores have a long and storied history of offering us beef jerky, candy and sugary pseudo-coffee. What if, however, instead of all of the foodstuffs we know and love tolerate, they were filled entirely with felt fakers? If you are near London, you’ll get a chance to see what that would be like. A […]

Push For Pizza is an App That Lets You Push For Pizza

Takeout delivery apps like Grubhub and Seamless have taken the world by storm. The world says in unison, we don’t have to actually talk to someone in order to continuously stuff our faces with delicious takeout food. Ah, it’s lovely how the Internet brings us together, isn’t it? In any event, what if there are […]

McDonald’s Singapore Unleashes Chocolatey, Pork-Topped Pancakes

There are few things better than a nice ham and pancake breakfast. However, when you think of said breakfast, your mind probably does not imagine a generous drizzle of chocolate. Well, you had better get that brain in gear. McDonald’s Singapore is bringing the chocolate hammer down hard. Their brand new dish, called Hearty Hotcakes, […]

Forget Cat Cafes, Japan Gets Some Reptile Cafes

Hanging out with a bunch of cats as you drink coffee and chomp grub is pretty cool. Hanging out with a bunch of slimy reptiles as you do the same thing could also be pretty cool. It’s too bad nobody in this grand world of ours ever had the foresight to create such an establishment. […]

The Scoop: Nuclear Tacos and Misspelled Tomatoes

From indestructible ice cream sandwiches to bunker delivery foods, here’s a boiled down list of this week’s headlines: Watered Down: Leading brands of coconut water have simplified their claims and marketing campaigns after receiving backlash against their supposed benefits. Outside the Box: digs deep into the world of food trend forecasting and the specialists behind […]

The Technology Now Exists to Make Burger Selfies

Ever since the first smartphone-produced selfie landed on Instagram, the world has cried out for the technology to do the same thing, only on a hamburger. The world is finally getting its wish. Looking at your face is one thing, but looking at your face illustrated in mayo is another thing entirely. Hellmann’s, who you […]

Circle K Japan Stuffs Onigiri With Bacon Cheeseburgers

Onigiri, to the uninitiated, is a popular Japanese snack that is usually comprised of a rice ball wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with something yummy (usually meat.) It’s the kind of thing that is sold at corner stores, so it makes perfect sense that one of the world’s biggest ‘corner store’ chains would offer up […]