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The Scoop: 74,476 Reasons to Get a Bigger Pizza

We’ve boiled down the latest food news for you to peck at: Nutrition Labels Get Updated 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza Is Meat Made From Celebrities’ DNA a Thing? Watch Nick Kroll on Conan Eat Like a Guy in a ’70s Movie Chipotle Has a New Vegan Burrito And Then There’s [...]

Now You Can Eat Dinner Hoisted Two Hundred Feet in the Air

There are some among us that count themselves as daredevils. They think nothing of skydiving from an airplane, riding a rickety roller coaster or eating an entire meal from Taco Bell. How do you take these people out to dinner? You can’t sit them down at a regular table. They’ll be bored to tears. Thankfully, [...]

Artists Undertake Expansive Sugar Cube City in Harlem

Some people like sugar in their coffee or their soda, or as a minor additive in their pasta sauce. Others, however, know that sugar was meant to act as the building blocks of a vast and extensive cityscape. A group of artists in Harlem count as some of these folks and are putting their sugar [...]

Here is a Restaurant That Served Cat Food to People

Cats may look at their owners with a measure of disinterest, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the heck out of those feisty fur-balls. Speaking of, just a few scant days ago was a holiday to honor said felines called Cat Day. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s only in Japan. To honor [...]

New Orleans Food Truck Unveils King Cake Burger

Mardi Gras isn’t just a time to trade beads for cleavage. It’s also a time to eat a ton of intensely unhealthy food! After all, what else are you going to give up for Lent if not that? To help you ease into all of that clean living, a NOLA food truck has teamed up [...]

This Burger Contains So Much Booze, You Need a 21+ ID to Eat It

It’s common knowledge that booze and burgers go together like, well, booze and burgers. Besides milkshakes, alcoholic beverages make the perfect accompaniment to a perfectly-made burger. However, the scotch and/or beer usually sit next to said burger, and not inside of it. That is, until now. England’s Honest Burger have teamed up with Scottish brewery [...]

This Donut Shop Stuffs Their Donuts with Chicken and Tops Them With Shrimp

Lately, all we seem to do with donuts is mix them with other things to get new pastries that end in ‘-nut.” The original still has some life in it, however. Case in point? Here is a Los Angeles donut shop that is, uh, slightly eccentric when it comes to topping them and stuffing them. [...]

This Detroit Restaurant is Going Full On Radiohead

Readers of this blog have already seen a restaurant entirely dedicated to Beyonce. Some of you may be wondering when an eatery would go all-in for a rock and roll band. Beyonce is great and all, but she’s not British with a permanent scowl affixed to her face. That’s where Radiohead come in. The Net [...]

Military Researchers Create Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

If you’ve ever been to college, you know that pizza left out all night is still fairly edible the next morning (so long as you are hung over.) The day after that? Not a chance. Pizza isn’t like raw spaghetti or powdered milk. It has a pretty low shelf life. That’s just one of those [...]

This Ridiculous App Shames You Into Losing Weight

Dropping a few pounds can be one of life’s toughest achievements. Eating pizza is awesome. Not eating pizza is not awesome. People tend to try all of sorts of things in order to lose weight, from fad diets to this bizarre activity called exercise. How far will people go though? Will they rely on a [...]