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DIY or Buy: 7 Spice Blends That Pack Flavor In and Save Money

When you look in your spice cabinet, you probably see a lot of miscellaneous, barely used bottles. Instead of just letting them sit around and expire — because most do within a year — try blending a few of them up for delicious DIY spice blends. Whether it’s taking the everything spices from your bagel and putting them on, well, everything, or making a homemade chai for a fraction of the price of one at your local coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.

Check out seven spice blend recipes below, from sweet to savory and back again.

Chai Spice

Once you’ve mastered a chai tea latte at home, you’ll never need to buy one at the coffee shop again. You can also use these flavors to spruce up coconut macaroons or a milk shake.

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It’s National Doughnut Day, and You Doughn’t Want to Miss These 4 Tasty Treats

Today is about to become your new favorite “holiday,” because it’s National Doughnut Day. Even though we associate the sweet treats with jelly or lots of powdered sugar, they can take on the flavors of any dessert. Stuffed with cream, they become Boston Cream Pie doughnuts, while after being coated with cinnamon sugar, they taste like churros. You can even stack some with frosting to make an Icebox Doughnut Birthday Cake.

Take a walk on the wild side with some of our favorite delicious combinations below — even a savory chicken-and-waffles one — and for even more crazy confections, check out Donut Showdown Thursdays at 9pm ET.

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Bracket Battle of Campus Eats: The March Madness of Food

March Madness brings out the best rivalries in college basketball. But college rivalries go far beyond the court’s end line. Check out our top picks for college town eats as rival dishes go head-to-head.

UCLA Ice Cream Sandwich vs. UC Berkeley Top Dog Frankfurter

UCLA Ice Cream Sandwich

Diddy Riese’s ice cream sandwiches are a must-have at UCLA. Select your starting ice cream sandwich roster from the best lineup of cookie varieties and ice cream flavors.

UC Berkeley Top Dog Frankfurter

This New York classic has become a favorite in Berkeley, Calif. Top your favorite frankfurter or knockwurst with tangy sauerkraut and homemade Russian mustard, and you’ve got a winner.

Check out more tournaments after the jump.

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40 Mom Recipes

Yo mama so fatigued from cooking you dinner all those nights, we think you should consider returning the favor. All joking aside, it would be the considerate thing to do. And since we have 40 easy recipes for nostalgic dishes like tuna noodle casserole, meatloaf, mac ‘n’ cheese and biscuits, you don’t have much of an excuse not to. If preparing comfort food for your mom isn’t possible, find someone else’s mom (Mo Rocca-style).

Yo mama’ll be so dumbfounded by your altruism.

Tastes like home: 40 nostalgic recipes

Let’s Get Down to Buzzness: 11 Ways to Cook With Coffee

It’s Friday. You’ve been at work or school for five days in a row. Understandably, you could use a pick me up.

Get stimulated with our recipes for coffee-fueled steak rubs, desserts and roast pork.

Then stay awake through the night to watch Bobby Flay cook more coffee-inspired dishes on Brunch @ Bobby’s, tomorrow, Saturday at 12pm ET. (Or just set your alarm and have some java at the ready.) He’s making Espresso-Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Espresso-Cinnamon Butter, Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Potato Biscuits, Ham Steak and Red-Eye Gravy and Spiced Mocha Lassi.


50 Ways to Eat Healthy

Stick to your resolutions with light, healthy recipes to suit every appetite.

Get 50 Resolution-Worthy Recipes

Beat the Wheat: Gluten-Free Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket

AKA Here, Piggy Piggy

Rip, rip, rip, WHACK, pop. That familiar sound of opening the cardboard canister of crescent-roll dough to make pigs in blankets. So easy, so salty, so delicious. Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, pigs in blankets were an easy party treat. Something simple to make when my girlfriends came over for a Saturday afternoon movie marathon. Easy to bake in shifts when the game went into overtime and the guys needed snacks. Or something to nosh on and reminisce about as a favorite childhood hors d’oeuvre when having friends over for a dinner party.

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31 Days of Cookies: G’s Spicy Tequila Balls

Go out with a boozy bang on this 31st and final day of cookies with alcohol-infused vanilla wafer, walnut and cocoa powder balls. Packed with a whopping 1/2 cup of tequila and dusted with both chipotle and cayenne powders, these fiery cookies are perfect for New Year’s Eve carousing (and taste as strong as the cocktail you’ll have in your hand).

Click here for the G’s Spicy Tequila Balls recipe.

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Sparkling Drinks to Celebrate the New Year

Cranberry Kir Royales

Pop! The sound of a bottle of bubbly getting uncorked is a sure sign it’s time to celebrate. Think beyond basic bubbly and craft one of these cocktails for your New Year’s Eve party or New Year’s Day brunch.

French 75: Gin, lemon and sparkling wine are the notes in this classic cocktail.

Cranberry Kir Royale: This beautiful pink drink (pictured up top) looks as special as it tastes.

Pink SHAMpagne: Who says bubbly needs alcohol? This flavorful, festive drink gets fizz from sparkling apple cider and raspberry seltzer.

Blood Orange Campari Prosecco Cocktail: Fresh blood orange juice and campari give this drink a brilliant orange hue.

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Beat the Wheat: Gluten-Free Pasta Bolognese

Gluten-Free Pasta Bolognese
AKA It’s Like You’re in Big Night and You’re Cooler Than Stanley Tucci

I’m kind of obsessed with the movie Big Night. I’ve loved it since before I began writing about food and thinking about the role food plays in our lives. All the cooking, all the rushing around, the loud mouths and big stomachs, and that huge meal at the end that rendered everyone nearly unconscious: I’ve always wanted to host a dinner like that. The closest I’ve ever gotten is with pasta and Bolognese (I’ll save the timpano and the other 40 courses for another day).

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