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3 Painless Ways to Eat Less Meat

Here are Aarti Sequeira’s easy tricks for making a meatless meal a delicious one.

The Most Popular Birthday Food From Around the World

Who doesn’t love celebrating their birthday? In the States we’re used to cake, but did you know that in Nepal they celebrate with a little rice and yogurt that they smear on your forehead for good luck?

Aarti Sequeira’s Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

“Good” vs. “Bad” This is possibly the biggest lesson I learned this season on Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping, and one that might be the toughest one to break because I, like so many people, do this without thinking. When recounting what you may have eaten the previous day, how many of you say, […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Cocktails to Warm You Up

The weather has well and truly turned here in Los Angeles. Sure, the sun is shining and the fronds on the sky-high palm trees still tickle the invisible ivories as the sea-breeze wisps past them. But it’s cold for us, ok? Heck, all those hipsters on Melrose sporting the military boots, short shorts and flannel-fleece […]

The Gift of Giving

Here are some food-based gift ideas that might get us all thinking of giving in a different way this year, in a way that really embraces what this season is all about.

Rethink Traditional Hostess Gifts

Trade in bottles of wine for bottles of uniquely-flavored bitters as your go-to hostess gifts this year. We’re barreling towards the end of the year now and are firmly in the midst of party season. From the awkward office mixer (are you the one that always brings the light-up reindeer ears?) to the elegant cocktail […]

The Great Digestion: How Not to Overeat on Thanksgiving

Here are some of Aarti Sequieira’s strategies to consider if you too want to avoid the dreaded loosening of the trouser button, all based in Indian tradition.