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The Making Of: Across the Country

Back in 2011, when the biggest thing going on in England was the Royal Wedding, we got to thinking: How could we properly commemorate a year in which we’d be watching the Summer Olympics and voting in a presidential election? What collection of dishes would scream Americana and help us champion our national pride? We turned to our Kitchens, tapping into their culinary prowess and vast research library to help us define the full breadth of American cuisine. Soon we realized that each of our 50 states has its own unique and quirky food scene. How were we to choose the best eats from sea to shining sea?

But then it became clear: We didn’t need the best dishes in America (we’ve got Jeffrey Saad to help us with that), but the most distinctive. What one dish defines each state, we wondered? So we turned to you, our fans and resident state experts, to tell us about your state’s most iconic dishes. And tell us, you did, taking to Facebook, Twitter and commenting on Devour to show us how passionate you are about your local staples.

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Uncover Authentic Cuisines in Unlikely Places on Hidden Eats, USA

Host Aarti of Hidden Eats

Get ready to venture out and explore off-the-beaten-path food spots on Cooking Channel’s new show Hidden Eats, USA. Host Aarti Sequeira will be embarking on a food-filled adventure searching for some of the most authentic and exotic cuisines America has to offer, including home-style Filipino dishes, bona fide Uzbek Korean cuisine, coveted Ecuadorian food trucks and much more.

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