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Farmstand App Takes the Guesswork Out of Going to the Farmer’s Market

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We all love farmer’s markets, but there is nothing is worse than piling the kids into the minivan, heading toward your nearest farmer’s market and finding out that it is closed. OK, a great many things are worse than that but it is still annoying.

Your solution is here, in the form of a handy and dandy iOS app. The app, named Farmstand, keeps track of when your local farmer’s market is open so you don’t have to. Just boot it up and the app uses GPS to locate your nearest market. It pulls up a whole host of information about it, including hours of operation and what specials they are offering. There is even a social element that lets you trade exciting farmer’s market anecdotes with friends. There is nothing more exciting than an anecdote about a farmer’s market.

The app is free and, for now, is only available for Apple devices. We’ll let you know when an Android version drops.

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Finding Restaurants Based on Ambiance? There’s Now an App for That


There are plenty of apps that help you choose where to eat based on how good the food is, but what if you want to find a cozy spot to take your 2 year old? Shouldn’t the general “feel” of an eatery come into play when making a decision? That’s just what a new app called Hoppit helps you do.

The iOS, Android and web-based app allows you to filter restaurants by mood, eliminating the guesswork in finding a romantic spot for a date or a calm, serviceable spot for that big meeting. Each listing also has gads of indoor photos so you can be certain the feng shui is up to your unparalleled standards.

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