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What We’re Watching: Netflix’s New April 1st Food Movies

The guys behind House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have done it again. But this time around, they’re swapping the polyester pantsuits of Capitol Hill and the aggressively orange jumpsuits of prison for something that really gets us going. For a captivating, edge-of-your seat, 73-minute drama, look no further than “Rotisserie Chicken.”  In this most recent Netflix originally series, we laughed; we cried; we were reeled in with each sweaty revolution. We dare you not to finish this film to completion. And did we mention the costumes? A little trussing has never looked so good. According to the film’s description: “In the tradition of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ witness a searing chronology-defying return to one’s origins that strokes the imagination.” We give it five stars. Searing, indeed. Rated: G.

And the foodie fixations don’t stop there. Netflix proves it doesn’t need to be a Sunday morning to witness the sizzling seduction of a slab of bacon either. With the Netflix Original “Sizzling Bacon” comes a tantalizing tale of crisp edges and grease – lots and lots of grease. As the heat gears up, so too does the protagonist. According to the film description, “the boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful ‘Memento’-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.” If you don’t make it to your computer to watch this one, prepare to get burned. Rated: G.

With blockbuster, food-filled flicks like these, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

Watch: Rotisserie Chicken and Sizzling Bacon on Netflix.

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Sifted: Matzo Desserts and Easter Recipes Galore

Carrot Cake In A Jar by Oh So Very Pretty
5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Oh So Very Pretty’s carrot cakes in jars are, well, oh so pretty.
  2. She Wears Many Hats’ cheese carrots are perfect for Easter and April Fool’s Day. And hey, no victim to the trick will be mad about eating a delicious cheese spread in place of their veggies.
  3. If you’re a fan of the matzo and chocolate, you’ll swoon over Cooking On The Side’s 9 layer no bake matzo cake.
  4. These caramel cinnamon rolls by Potato Chips Are Not Dinner were inspired by The Pioneer Woman. Obviously, they’re amazing.
  5. Oh Nuts’ homemade crispy candy bars make an awesome Easter basket addition. But with four layers of insane deliciousness, it might be hard to share.

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Bronx Zoo Snake Lands New Show on Cooking Channel

A unique culinary perspective, coming this May on Cooking Channel. (Photo: Ashley Quirk)

Yesterday morning’s discovery of the Egyptian Cobra who’d gone missing from the Bronx Zoo drew sighs of relief from neighboring New Yorkers. The 5-day search led zoo officials to its hiding spot in a cozy corner of the zoo’s Reptile House.

But what is drawing most attention is news that Cooking Channel has announcing a joint partnership with the Bronx Zoo Cobra. Cobra Can Cook will launch in late May, just in time for grilling season.

“Sssteaks, sssucculent sssides … and other sssizzling sssurprises are what’s in ssstore for my fansss,” says the Cobra.

“The Bronx Zoo Cobra will help us tap into a whole new audience of cooking fans who also love snakes,” adds a Cooking Channel programming exec. “We’re very exsssited.”

The network is already in discussions with the Cobra for future show concepts, including SSSumptous Sssoups and  Mice Are Nice (to Eat).

Cooking Channel is also drawing on ideas from fans for new possible shows with the Cobra, so submit your ideas below.

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