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Who is Baron Ambrosia?

Baron Ambrosia

His name is Baron Ambrosia. Culinary ambassador to the world, he ventures forth, celebrating diverse and authentic cuisine, all in the pursuit of flavor, and passion.

Who is Baron Ambrosia? That’s what many folks are wondering as his new series, The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia, premieres this Friday at 10 ET.

His background is not exactly… straightforward. So we caught up with Baron and asked a few questions to get a better picture.

Cooking Channel: Baron, how did you get started chasing after exotic foods?

Baron Ambrosia:
It started out on a very primal level. For most children, their first way of exploring the world is through taste, whether it is a poisonous berry, an action figure or a stick of cherry ChapStick. The question “what is this?” can usually be answered by “let me taste it and find out.” I guess in that sense, I have had a failure to launch.

COOK: Can you tell us more about cà cuõng? How did you hear about it and why is it the world’s most expensive condiment?

Cà cuõng is a pheromone produced by lethocerus indicus (the giant water bug). The liquid is produced by males to attract females. It has been part of Vietnamese cuisine for hundreds of years. Due to the near extinction of the bugs in Northern Vietnam and the incredible amount of labor involved in extracting the minuscule amount of liquid, true Cà cuõng is considered the world’s rarest condiment. A few drops in some chilled vodka makes for one hell of a martini.

COOK: What other places have your culinary interests taken you?

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The Baron Ambrosia Wins NY Emmy Award

Congrats to Cooking Channel’s Baron Ambrosia, who yesterday won a NY Emmy Award in the category of Best On-Camera Talent: Performer/Narrator for his BronxNet show, Bronx Flavor.

The Baron premiered on Cooking Channel last fall in The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia to rave reviews. Since then, he’s been busy traveling the U.S. — and the world — for the most unique culinary flavors. (Last month, he was invited by Moroccan King Mohammed VI to attend the Moussem of Tan-Tan, a celebration of the food and dance of the nomadic tribes’ people from around the Sahara region.)

Look forward to more from the Baron this summer on Cooking Channel, but, in the meantime, join us in congratulating him on his NY Emmy award!

The Baron Ambrosia on Cooking Channel:

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Fan Appreciation: Watch Full Episodes Online for Free

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Want a taste of Cooking Channel? For a limited time, we’ll be offering free full episodes on the site from some of our favorite shows as a thank you for being such amazing fans.  Find out how…

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