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25 Ways to Use Beer

Oktoberfest may be over in Germany, but we’re continuing the celebration for the rest of the fall (and maybe even winter). Beer is a year-round beverage, and October’s crisp days are a perfect excuse for hoppy pumpkin ales in my house. Dip the rim of a frosted beer mug in a cinnamon-sugar mixture for a tasty presentation of your favorite pumpkin beer. But why leave all your beer in a glass when it is the perfect partner for all things hearty, like cheese, meat, marinades and stews? Sunday football bashes mean you’ll be braising, beer battering and mixing cocktails (like the Classy Ladies’ Beer-ly Legal Cocktail) all season long.

An ID is required for several of these recipes, but most of them are appropriate for all ages. Drink (and eat) up!

  1. Beer Can Chicken and its slightly larger cousin Beer Can Turkey are simple standbys that produce flavorful, moist meals every time: place beer can in poultry, roast, then feast. Fancy Beer Can Chicken with Cola Barbecue Sauce (pictured above) and Barbecue Beer Can Chicken are always options for the ambitious cook.
  2. Beer Braised Szechuan Chicken Wings are braised in beer and then deep-fried to perfection. This dish packs a punch, so if you need to take down the heat, skip the chiles.

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