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Toasting Grandma’s Biscotti

An tradtional Italian dessert: Biscotti and a glass of Vin Santo.

I love baking biscotti for family events and potluck parties, and especially during the holidays, when I make several batches and ship them as presents to family and friends. They are perfect gifts to make on a small budget, and they travel very well.

Cantuccini di Prato, the traditional Tuscan name for the biscotti we make, are the real reason Italians start drinking at a young age. Usually grandparents are to blame. Well… at least in my case!

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Cookie #5: Jeffrey Saad’s Orange Clove Spiced Biscotti

12 Days of CookiesCooking Channel is joining Food Network for our first annual cookie swap, 12 Days of Cookies. Each day, visit us here for a look at new holiday cookies, party-planning tips and top techniques for rolling, spooning, slicing, baking and decorating delicious sweet treats to give — or keep — from favorite chefs and Food People. Then visit for great takes on holiday baking from Food Network chefs — cookies by the dozen to celebrate all season.

Jeffrey Saad has his hands in the cookie jar, and he’s bringing out his love for exotic spices. It’s no wonder his unique twist on the coffee shop favorite is bursting with flavor.

Jeffrey’s Orange Clove Spiced Biscotti have all the crunch and texture you’d expect, plus candied almonds for a bit of chewiness to balance them out. The additional touch of citrus and clove mean his biscotti not only pair perfectly with coffee, cappuccino and dessert wine, but shine all on their own.

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