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5 Of The Best Beers You’ll Ever Try

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Every time I’m asked to suggest beers to anyone I struggle because we all come from different backgrounds and people tend to be most picky about what they drink. Depending on your region, the season or your palette, you may hate one or all of the beers on this list. To reveal my own bias, I most often drink sour beers, stouts and porters. And while I enjoy a really good IPA, it’s not my go-to style. Here are a few of my picks that span the spectrum of hoppy to malty to unusual.

Live Oak Brewing Company: HefeWeizen

HefeWeizens are great German-style beers that are easy drinking, especially in the Texas Heat (#shoutout). Named after the German term for wheat beers (weissbier), Live Oak HefeWeizen has a strong banana and clove flavors with a crisp finish. This is the beer that changed my outlook on craft beer and will be one I drink for life. The catch is, you can only get it in bars or at the brewery because they do not bottle or can it (yet). Look out for the classic Live Oak wooden tap handle next time you are in the Lone Star State.

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