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Nadia G Takes a Bite Out of Austin

Nadia G and the Bitchin’ Kitchen crew are taking an epic bite out of Austin, Texas, on Cooking Channel’s new travel show, Bite This With Nadia G (premiering Tuesday, September 24, at 9:30pm ET.)  There will be shkoffing of the city’s best food, a bizarre kidnapping, awkward interviews, mayhem, hilarity and more entertainment than you can shake a shtick at.

Plus, Panos reports on all-natural farming, Hans eats healthy vegan tacos and the Spice Agent uncovers the spicy secrets of Texas rub.

Tune in this Tuesday, September 24, at 9:30pm ET to watch what travel looks like when Nadia G is captain. Watch the trailer after the jump for a taste:

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Five Food Fads I Love

Nadia G. and kale

Ever noticed how food trends pop up more frequently than shoe trends? Well, not all fads are created equal (hello, Crocs). So check out the top five food trends that I think should definitely be here to stay.

Bacon — This fad has beat out all other fads, as far as longevity, social economy and lifestyles go. Really, it’s not enough to enjoy a good slice of bacon anymore. You have to bathe in bacon soap, sleep on bacon sheets and punch anyone who defames bacon. I love bacon.

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