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How to Throw a Blind Dinner Party

How to Throw a Blind Dinner Party

How do you throw a blind dinner party? Here’s what I did: Invite over some strangers, maybe off Craigslist – yes, that semi-anonymous digital behemoth that seems to have taken over from the back pages of alternative culture weeklies that once dictated all social activities.

Put up an ad and watch the guests fight over who gets to come – and fighting is essential. Nobody is invited who isn’t willing to argue, and different points of view, in fact, opposing points of view, are essential.

Make everyone prepare and bring a dish that represents them and is hopefully good. Fortunately, everyone did this and the components of the meal, as well as their personalities, made for a fantastic evening!

Roll the cameras, yet be sure no one is looking into them or is overly aware of them. Serve lots of good wine so that the cameras seem less and less important.

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